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Hearty Chicken Stew

One of the parenting columns I wrote for Sunday LifeStyle that got the most reaction from readers, was the one on surviving without a maid, while working full-time and being able to cook dinner for the family. My secret? A slow cooker! I had many mums, even dads, writing in to ask for slow cooker recipes. Continue reading


What are the benefits to being better organised?

organise head final

Soon after my helper went back a year ago, I was looking desperately for my camera charger. I looked high and low, in the study, bedroom, living room, and could not find it anywhere. I was tempted to just pick up the phone and call or message her in Medan, Indonesia. I resisted the urge. I spent days searching and finally found it hidden in a corner of the living room, blocked by books, near a power socket, probably from the last time the camera was charged a month or two before. Continue reading

Organise and display travel souvenirs

souvenir head

I’m not sure about other kids, but mine are like little collectors when we’re on a trip. They love bringing little souvenirs home. I generally let them, because it keeps them busy and entertained while we’re travelling, and the souvenirs they pick are usually free: shells from the beach, sand or pine cones. The only problem with that is they often lose interest in these items by the time we get home and are caught up with everyday living. Continue reading

No-Sew Art Kit

art kit head

When my classmates in secondary school were learning how to bake cookies and sew stuff, I was in the music room struggling to keep up with the rest of my friends in the Music Elective Programme. I always thought I was missing out on something by not taking up Home Economics in secondary school. It was not until years later that I realised how much I missed out on. I have since learnt to bake and cook, but… I can’t sew! Continue reading

How to transform a milk tin into a pretty container

wrapped milk tin head

It all started after dinner, when Shannon puked not once, but thrice. We brought her to the doctor, who gave her a suppository to stop the vomiting. The doctor thought it might be stomach flu or food poisoning. Either way, she was to stay off milk products to let her stomach rest. So we had no choice but to buy a small tin of Isomil, or soy milk powder, which she hated. She finished it reluctantly after a week and we both cheered. Her reason was obvious. Mine? Well, small tins like this are rarely found in our home as we usually get her the big tin of milk powder, so I was excited to see what I could do with it (rather than have it go straight to our recycle bin in the storeroom). Continue reading

Outdoor table and stool makeover with chalkboard paint

table head

We have a little space outside our flat, where my husband grows his plants, my son rears his tiny longkang(drain) fish, and I have an old (unwanted inside the home) Ikea table and stool. The table has been there for the longest time – I remember we had breakfast there on some weekend mornings when we were newlyweds some 10 years ago! Continue reading

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