Outdoor table and stool makeover with chalkboard paint

table head

We have a little space outside our flat, where my husband grows his plants, my son rears his tiny longkang(drain) fish, and I have an old (unwanted inside the home) Ikea table and stool. The table has been there for the longest time – I remember we had breakfast there on some weekend mornings when we were newlyweds some 10 years ago!

Alas, we do nothing quite so romantic these days. So the table got old and dirty, and I got too busy cleaning the inside of the home after our helper left, to bother about the outside. Below is an old photo I dug out and cropped, so you have an idea of how dirty it looked. It had water stains, was dusty and even though I call it a table, I could not bear to put anything important on it or worse, have my kids use it.


A couple of months ago, when my husband was tending to his plants, I decided to have a go at making over the table. A while back, I saw Martha Stewart’s multi-surface chalkboard acrylic craft paint at Art Friend, and bought a bottle in grey, even though I had not decided what I would do with it. I decided to create a surface where the kids could scribble with chalk.


The best thing about chalkboard paint, is that it goes over any surface. I’m a novice painter and know nothing about sanding or priming, and have no tools to do so either. All I did was to give the dirty table a rub down with a dry rag (since I was impatient to start painting). I didn’t want to wait for the table to dry had I used a wet rag. Armed with a small sponge brush, I started painting!

After the first coat, I could still see some of the old surface peeking through and waited an hour before I gave it a second coat. Then waited another hour before I gave it a final coat. Three coats later, I was satisfied that I had covered up the previous surface. It looked brand new! I liked that I could still see the woodgrains after the painting. I let it dry for a day, before priming it with the sides of a chalk and then cleaning it off with a damp rag. And it’s ready for the kids’ masterpieces!


I decided to give the old stool(also from Ikea from many seasons ago) a couple of coats of the same chalkboard paint so that it looked uniform, even though we have no plans to draw on the stool! Now I wish I had two of the same stools so it would be a complete set of table and stools for outside. Anyone knows where I could possibly get a similar stool?


So here’s an additional surface for the kids to draw on, complete with a stool.


Have you done any furniture makeover recently? Or used chalkboard paint on furniture? Did you like the results?


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