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When my classmates in secondary school were learning how to bake cookies and sew stuff, I was in the music room struggling to keep up with the rest of my friends in the Music Elective Programme. I always thought I was missing out on something by not taking up Home Economics in secondary school. It was not until years later that I realised how much I missed out on. I have since learnt to bake and cook, but… I can’t sew!

So, when I came across this art kit from Dollar Store Mum, I got really excited. Here’s a simple craft that I can adapt, that does not require sewing. Or rather, I decided to make a version that required sewing, but I cheated on that step but using a glue cleverly named “Sew Simple”. I had seen earlier on LiveLoveDIY another fabric glue but couldn’t find that in craft stores in Singapore. I’m sure there are other brands out there, but this is what I came across in Popular Book store.

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The art kit is basically a little felt kit that you can bring with you on the go. It holds a drawing pad and some crayons. The compact size makes it convenient for road trips or an outing, as it can be neatly tucked away in your bag.

The full step-by-step tutorial can be found here, from Mess for Less, but I adapted the instructions to make a double-layer kit so that the crayons do not protrude on the outside. I’m not sure what felt they used, but my felt cloth which was from the $2 shop Daiso, felt flimsy and didn’t hold up well. So I folded the cloth inwards until I had a double layer and used Sew Simple to glue the edges together. (The seam in the centre is where the felt was folded to).

I didn’t print out the template provided, and decided to just eyeball the measurements and wing it from there (I have no printer at home!).

art kit

Above is the pale pink one for Shannon, and I made another green one for Jason. Crayons were their old ones at home which I fitted in the kit. I also made another version for a notepad and pens, by making horizontal cuts instead of vertical ones.

art kit2

art kit1

Both were delighted when they saw it, and we brought it along on a short road trip to Malaysia. Shannon, who loves organising her stuff, had fun slotting the crayons back in position each time she used it. Jason couldn’t be bothered and only kept it when he was done drawing.

Below are the finished versions, tied up with pretty ribbons. The double-layer ensured the crayons do not show on the outside, when the kit is closed.

art kit3


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