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I’m not sure about other kids, but mine are like little collectors when we’re on a trip. They love bringing little souvenirs home. I generally let them, because it keeps them busy and entertained while we’re travelling, and the souvenirs they pick are usually free: shells from the beach, sand or pine cones. The only problem with that is they often lose interest in these items by the time we get home and are caught up with everyday living. So it becomes my problem to either display, or dispose of them. Below is Shannon with her collection of pine cones from The Lakehouse in Cameron Highlands.


For a long time, the items would often be stored in plastic bags, or added to our fish tank at home, if suitable. I was clearing out some old Ikea spice jars one day when I realised they could be perfect to keep the little souvenirs. So in went the sand from Bintan, shells from Desaru and so on. The puny size meant I would keep whatever could fit in there, and anything that didn’t fit, would have to go.

We have three Ikea Udden shelves on our wall which used to hold little knick-knacks. I decided to make one of them a travel display corner.


With a little black chalkboard from Art Friend (can you tell I love that place? After Ikea, that is…) I scribbled the words Travel Memories with coloured chalk, and went on to fill the little cubbies. I labelled the jars using Martha Stewart’s craft tags and included some snapshots from the holidays. I’ve also added the set of Russian nesting dolls from a colleague, and some momentos from Banyan Tree (gifts left for us after the turn down service every night). Here’s a close-up shot of the shelf.


It would be nice if we were to change out the display regularly, but we’ll see… 🙂

Oh and the shelf is also useful for displaying Lego creations! Jason was inspired to claim a shelf for his creations after he saw my “Travel Corner”.



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