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September 2013


Look at the unadulterated joy on their faces and I miss the holidays already. Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself, isn’t it? It’s no wonder this month flew by so quickly especially since I took time off work to spend time with the family during the September holidays. The kids still talk about the ostriches we saw during our Desaru trip, which was just an hour away from Singapore. The trip was made more pleasant because we had a fuss-free journey where the kids entertained themselves with an activity bag. Continue reading


Goodbye Ah Chor (great-grandma)

My maternal grandmother – the kids’ great-grandma whom they call Ah Chor, passed away last month from a lung infection. She was 86. In a column I wrote for Sunday Times this month, I shared her love for my children and my relationship with her.

When I graduated from university, I brought my graduation gown to the Hong Lim market where she ran a stall selling burial clothing, and made her take a picture with me. She was pleased beyond words, even though she proclaimed that she wasn’t dressed nicely for the shoot. Continue reading

Getting kids to open up

talk head

There are parents who enjoy the infancy and toddler stage of parenting, and then there are parents like me, who prefer the next stage – when the kids are older and more capable of meaningful interaction. Yes, I loved them as babies, and would want to spend every waking moment with them. But now, I finally can “talk” to Jason, 7, and Shannon, 4, and enjoy a good conversation with them. Continue reading

10-Minute Chicken Macaroni Soup


As a working mum who is also in charge of putting dinner on the table, I have a few best friends. The slow-cooker is one of them, and absolutely essential when I need my food to be cooked slow and steady but have no time to watch over the stove. But there are days when time is of essence, ie, days when I have just 15 minutes before I need to rush to pick Shannon and there is no dinner waiting in the slow-cooker, usually because I have not planned ahead. That is when my second best friend comes into the picture to save us from having to eat out – the rice cooker! Continue reading

Easy lantern using recycled materials


I enjoy doing crafts with my kids, but there are crafts I would not think about doing, unless I was asked to, like in this case – to make a lantern using recycled materials. So I’m thankful Shannon’s school organises an annual lantern-making competition, with a few specifications: to use recycled materials and it should be a combined parent-child effort (Let’s just say it is a good thing they did not specify exactly how much work should be done by each party). 🙂 Continue reading

Desaru Highlights


When my husband and I graduated from university in 2001, one of the trips we took with a group of friends was to Desaru in Malaysia. We were young and adventurous then, and decided to cycle all the way there, not realising that the trip would take five hours on rickety bicycles we rented upon reaching Pengarang jetty. Continue reading

Road Trip Activity Bag


We enjoy taking road trips, and learn something new each time we travel as a family. The furthest we’ve gone is from Singapore to Cameron Highlands last year, a ten-hour drive if we were to do it at one go, but we broke it up into small manageable portions seeing we have two young kids in the backseat. Continue reading

Mini bouquets for teachers


When I was young, Teachers’ Day was a big deal in our home for my sister and I – not because we were excited about giving our teachers presents, but because being daughters of two teachers, we got first dibs on their presents! Those days, our parents, being primary school teachers, got an assortment of presents, the bulk of which were stationery, which pleased us to no end. 🙂 Continue reading

Colour-infused carnations


I was inspired by this post on glowing flowers by Fun At Home With Kids and decided to try a simpler version since it is the first time we’re carrying out a science experiment. I decided we would have some fun with coloured water, to show how plants or flowers absorb water and how the water travels up to the flower petals. Jason was all excited when I told him my plan, and enthusiastically gave ideas and helped me with it. I’m not sure how much exotic coloured flowers usually cost, but these came up to very little, so would be a thrifty way of getting pretty, coloured bouquets. Continue reading

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