September 2013


Look at the unadulterated joy on their faces and I miss the holidays already. Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself, isn’t it? It’s no wonder this month flew by so quickly especially since I took time off work to spend time with the family during the September holidays. The kids still talk about the ostriches we saw during our Desaru trip, which was just an hour away from Singapore. The trip was made more pleasant because we had a fuss-free journey where the kids entertained themselves with an activity bag.

Picture below taken by Jason, our 7-year-old photographer.


We had a slightly hectic week just before we left for our trip, because it was Teachers’ Day and as usual I left the preparation of cards and presents for the kids’ teachers until it was too late, and we had to rush out the mini bouquets the day before celebrations. In a way, it worked out fine since we could use the colour-infused carnations we experimented with the week before. Phew!

After we got back from the trip, we were just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival where Shannon’s school had a Lantern-making competition using recycled materials. She got a consolation prize! As did all children who took part, who were not among the top three winners :). I loved the round minion painted on a big lantern by one of her schoolmates, and thought that would bag the top prize for sure. But nope, I guess the teachers had other criteria for judging the best lanterns. All in, we had fun, and even played with sparklers and lanterns that evening. Can you spy our homemade lantern on the floor?

With a hectic month, it was a miracle I was able to whip up dinners most nights. Thankfully my mother helped out with meals a couple of times. On one of the busy week day nights, the 10-minute chicken macaroni saved us from having to eat out. Don’t you just love quick, easy and healthy recipes like these?! I do. 🙂

Finally, I shared my thoughts I how I get my kids to open up as well as a tribute to my grandmother, the kids’ great-grandmother, who passed away recently at 86 years old.

Jason said he is looking forward to October – think Children’s Day this Friday and Hari Raya Haji public holiday which falls right in the middle of PSLE marking week – which means the kids get a whole week off!! Lucky them! 🙂 October, bring it on!

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