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kitchen organisation

See the clutter-free surface, organised spices and oil and neatly arranged ladles?

It’s hard to believe that two hours before the picture was taken, I was dealing with an overflowing filtered water dispenser that I forgot to turn off (it works like a tap). I was filling water in my mug when three-year-old Shannon called for me. Since the water dispenses rather slowly, I left the mug on the counter as it was filling up, and went to see what she needed. One thing led to another, and I started giving her a shower. It wasn’t until I was drying her off with a towel that I suddenly remembered I was filling up my mug! I knew it was too late even as I ran into the kitchen. Water was flowing off the counter, onto the stove, onto the floor, and horrors of horror, filling up my two deep drawers where I keep my pots and pans.

“It looks like a swimming pool,” said Shannon, peering into the drawer. I was too traumatised and upset to take any pictures. I painstakingly dried off the counter, removed the dripping wet pots and pans, scooped up the water from the drawers, trashed the soaked drawer liners and sponged up the remaining water from the drawer, before I set the fan to full blast to dry the kitchen.

It was a good two hours before I mustered enough courage to go into the kitchen to finish clearing up the mess.

To cheer myself (and my kitchen) up, I lined the drawers with some new wrapping paper. I waited until the next day before I returned the pots and pans to their original homes. Peering into the drawers now make me happy!


To get an idea of my two deep drawers (or swimming pools) below the stove, see below picture. Both drawers were filled with a shallow pool of water but it was bad enough.


When I was finally done for the evening, I decided to take the pictures to remind myself never again to leave a mug filling with water unattended. Clean and neat kitchens make me happy!


The good thing that came out of it was that the clean slate of the two deep drawers started me on a decluttering and organising craze in the kitchen, one cupboard at a time.

I first tackled the overhead one near the sink where I keep my food containers. The doors of this cabinet holding plastic (mostly BPA free) food containers could not be opened previously without fear of the containers toppling over my head. I should have taken some “before” pictures, but I was too intent on my purpose of organising, I forgot. Take my word for it, I wouldn’t recommend anyone open it before. It’s a different story now. They are stacked neatly, like with like, and even though they are different as they come, at least there is enough space for them all after I removed some that we no longer use.


The next cabinet that got busted was the medicine cabinet. Just in time too, as the hubby and Shannon took turns to catch a cold, this came in useful.

Look at our two boxes of medicine, stashed haphazardly in two boxes. I separated them into “adults” and “kids” medicine. The kids’ container wasn’t so bad as there were fewer items in it. Their medicine comes mostly in liquid form and those bottles are in another container. The adults’ container was bad. Let’s just say if you had a headache and you were looking for a Panadol to take, you might end up with a worse headache because you would have to dig through the pile of flu, throat, diarrhoea medicine. And guess what, you still wouldn’t get any relief after digging through the whole box. Because it was only after I organised the medicine that I found out, yup, we’re out of Panadol.


After I sorted out the medicine into different stacks, I found some clear plastic bags to group them according to their use. I labelled them with some fancy post-its and used a clear tape to protect it after I wrote the categories. The entire job took less than 30 minutes. Ahh much better.


I popped them back in the original container, and labelled the boxes with a printed clear label, pasted over a sticker label.


There they are, in their full, organised glory, back in the cabinet. Not that we’re in any hurry to use its contents, but it’s reminded me of the enjoyment I felt after I organised our travel souvenirs. And an even bigger reminder of the benefits of being organised!


Finally, I decided to put an old pickle jar to good use. I’ve been keeping our old food jars with the intention of repurposing them some day. But I dislike having to remove the labels, not least because they are difficult to remove and I don’t have the patience nor the skill to do it, short of having to scrape it off with my fingernails. Yucks. (Anyone has a quick and painless removal method for sticky labels?)

duck tape jar

So I was delighted to find some pretty duct tape (I think they’re Scotch brand) at the DIY shop, and picked up a roll. I put it to good use, covering up the glass jar WITHOUT removing the original label :). Ok so part of the old label may be seen if you see it under the light and peer close enough. But don’t do that, just admire how pretty the glass jar now looks, and appreciate that I just had to paste some tape over it to completely change its look! This was easier and took an even shorter time than the milk tin I wrapped!

duck tape jar1

It’s now sitting on my bathroom shelf, holding some cotton buds. 🙂

duck tape jar2
So thanks to an overflowing tap, I’ve organised several cabinets in the kitchen, and more!


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