SAHM, two weeks on

So, life as a SAHM (stay-at-home-mum) has been no less exciting than life as a FTWM (full-time-working-mum). It’s been exactly two weeks since I stopped work, and we’ve had an A&E visit, an asthma attack, some interesting freelance work offers, not to mention gotten some things done around the home: Top of the list, our dingy washing machine which has only been able to do 10-minute quick wash cycle for the last 2-3 years(!) has finally been replaced and we’ve found a new ($40!) study table at Ikea to replace the round glass study table we sold off a month back. So yes, if you do the math, I was working without a work table in the last two weeks of my job as a reporter. I was working off our dining table. 🙂

This is what our old study table looked like, I have only one recent top view picture I took when I wanted to sell off the table. I was perfectly fine with it but my husband felt it took up unnecessary space and didn’t provide good arm support when using a laptop. This table was bought in the early days of our marriage, when I hardly did any work at home. At that time, we(I?) wanted a study table that did not look like a study table… don’t ask.

ikea glass table

It has since found a new home, and will probably live out its days doing what it was originally meant to do – be a dining table.

On to our new table, I’ve always wanted to get the table that goes with our Ikea Expedit and finally managed to convince my husband when the price was slashed 50% off from its original of $80 during the Ikea sale last week. I think it’s still going on. It was cash and carry and my husband affixed it to our existing shelf.

new study table

We emptied out the shelf with the aim of doing a thorough clean up and organisation of the study. But life got in the way and for a while, this was what the rest of the room looked like while the shelves were empty.

study mess 1

And the below picture shows the cause of the A&E visit: In what can only be described as a freak accident, my husband tripped over that low shelf sticking out at the bottom left of the picture, fell awkwardly, ended with a deep cut on his chin that had blood dripping everywhere, bruised his teeth, left shoulder and arm, and ended up needing stitches. Thankfully, he is on the mend and yeah, the things are no longer lying around…

study mess

On the bright side, this is what the room looks like now. It’s now our favourite room in the home. 🙂 It’s where we do our work after the kids are asleep, it’s where Jason reads or does his homework when he wakes up early in the morning while the rest of us are still sleeping, it’s where Shannon does her crafts if I’m at the laptop. It’s where I’m sitting now…

new study table 2

Another view of the room. 

new study table 1

And in other news, I’m finally back in action because I’ve gotten a new laptop after I returned my work laptop to SPH.

I had grand plans to organise and declutter the whole home once I stopped work. But one thing led to another, and Jason got another bout of asthmatic wheezing last week. But one big difference this time was my reaction. It happened early morning, before 7am. He was already coughing the night before and I somehow had an inkling he might need the inhaler at some point and had taken it out after he went to bed. I went to bed early because, well, I didn’t have to work at night anymore, so when I heard his choking cough and heavy breathing early in the morning, I was alert and up before he could tell me he was having difficulty breathing. He felt better after a few puffs of the inhaler, but we had to wait several hours before we could see the doctor.

Unlike his previous attacks when I would be frantically making alternative plans for interviews and work, and feeling totally stressed out and even resentful, this time I felt calm and strangely in control of the situation. When he felt better, we sent Shannon to school and went out for a leisurely breakfast, did some grocery shopping before the doctor was available to see him. We spent the rest of the day resting at home. I never thought I would say this but it was a good respite from the daily routine and we were able to spend the day at home playing board games and working on a long overdue scrapbook from last June. It was one of the days in the past two weeks I was really thankful to have stopped work.

I’m not the only one thankful. Shannon, who is still attending childcare, has been requesting that I pick her earlier from school since I’m no longer working. So after I pick her, we go gallivanting, to playgrounds, parks, the library, sometimes grocery shopping. Freelance work that has started trickling in, will have to wait. How to say ‘no’ to this face? 🙂

Shannon at park connector


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