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Someone asked me the other day if it was traumatic to make the move from working full-time to being a housewife.

I thought about it and realised the transition was far from traumatic for me. While I left my job only last month, my move to stay at home was a gradual one as I had already been working from home for the last two years, only going to office once a week even though I did go out for interviews on some days. So I have already adjusted to being at home for long stretches in the day without feeling cooped up. In fact, I relish the several hours of solitude before the kids come home from school each day.

Even when I was working full time, I was doing the job of a housewife, albeit in a harried way. So hey, the amount of housework remains constant but I’ve now got more time on my hands, what’s there not to like? 🙂

But really, my daily routine for now is not much different from when I was working from home, except that the stress levels have dipped. Yay!

My mornings are still spent one-on-one with Jason, having breakfast after we drop Shannon off in school. We now have more time to talk over breakfast, revise Chinese, do fun things together in the morning, without me having to reply emails or do interviews at the same time. And if he does get in half an hour of TV before he goes to school, it’s not because I shooed him to do so to keep him occupied while I do an interview. It’s because he’s completed whatever he needs to do for the morning and feels like watching a programme. While he’s watching TV or reading, I get some housework done, sweeping (and occasionally mopping) the floors and putting the clothes to wash before I send him to school.

After he goes to school, I start on some work. I’m still involved in Compass, and while I’m no longer working full-time for ST, I’ve started doing some freelance writing. I’m thankful there has been some work offers in the last few weeks. It’s not news-reporting, but other forms of writing. I’ve been trying out some corporate writing, coming up with press releases and sponsor proposals, editing the text for corporate materials like brochures, as well as working on advertorials. It’s not what I’m used to doing, but it’s been an interesting challenge to try different forms of writing. And hey, there’s money to be made too.

Also, I pick Shannon earlier than when I was working full time. So it’s been a smooth transition overall but it also means I’ve been keeping very busy. Now my plan is to expand the range of “activities” I do with my time. Think a regular exercise routine, more time for crafts, and more time to organise my home!

Here’s something non-routine. We had a fun gathering over the weekend, of education reporters, past and present!

 education reporters gathering


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