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I’ve taken over laundry duties from my husband and am loving our new washing machine that can wash and dry. More on that another time. But one little pesky thing about doing laundry for a school-going boy who does not use a wallet (because he forgets to bring it more often than he remembers), is the change that is in the bermudas pocket when he returns from school. Jason is in the afternoon session and usually returns home ravenous. After a quick dinner, he heads to the shower, clothes strewn outside the toilet floor. He only picks them up later, usually after reminders. To be fair, he does remember to remove the coins from his pocket these days, but where he puts them is another matter. He has so far left coins on the counter outside the kitchen toilet, in my bathroom, or everywhere else but where it is supposed to go – his money box maybe? This is despite numerous reminders.

I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and own the change. Using materials I have at home – an old jar, some cloth tape, label and letter stickers – I’ve come up with a Tips Jar located on the counter outside the kitchen toilet, to collect all the loose change that I find. After all, it’s not too much to leave some tips for the laundry lady, right? Of course, after Jason saw the jar and discovered what I was up to, he vowed to keep his change off the counter. We’ll see… 🙂

Step 1: Gather materials: old jar and tape.



Step 2: Use tape to cover up original label. I did something similar for another jar here and with a milk tin here.


Step 3: Add plain white label and alphabet stickers. Here is the jar on the kitchen counter beside my jars of millet and buckwheat.



Done! Get ready to start collecting all the loose change from generous family members!


Yup, the collection has started. 🙂


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