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Love doing laundry? It’s a sign!

The last two weeks have been the busiest since I stopped full time work in February. Several freelance writing deadlines converged with two workshops I agreed to conduct plus a Groupon deadline for some photobooks I have been wanting to complete. I learnt my lesson the hard way, no more piling too much on my plate!

While some things had to give in the last two weeks, for example, simpler meals than ever if that’s even possible, or even eating out, I had to keep up with one thing – laundry. Continue reading


By parents, for parents

One of the reasons I like Shannon’s preschool is how the kids know the names of all the adults in the school, even the non-teaching staff. They cheerfully greet Aunty Teoh, the cook, whose food they love; Aunty Eileen, the cleaner who has recently left, whom we would sometimes offer a ride home; and Uncle Jaffar, the gardener, who tends to the beautiful greenery and compound the children enjoy daily. Continue reading

I can’t chop a chicken… but I can steam it in a slow cooker!

I can’t, don’t know, don’t want to, don’t dare to… chop a chicken even though I’ve cooked chicken many times. I either get the lovely aunties in NTUC to help me chop it up in whatever permutations I want, or I buy chicken parts. But I recently ordered a whole Sakura chicken from their website not realising that it would come frozen, with legs, backside (and maybe neck?!) all intact. I don’t know and I don’t really want to know. Continue reading

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