I can’t chop a chicken… but I can steam it in a slow cooker!

I can’t, don’t know, don’t want to, don’t dare to… chop a chicken even though I’ve cooked chicken many times. I either get the lovely aunties in NTUC to help me chop it up in whatever permutations I want, or I buy chicken parts. But I recently ordered a whole Sakura chicken from their website not realising that it would come frozen, with legs, backside (and maybe neck?!) all intact. I don’t know and I don’t really want to know.

I meant to cook it for dinner one Saturday when my mum and sisters came over. Only thing was I was home alone with the kids and my husband was in reservist and would not be home until before dinner. My mum who can chop a chicken, would only come near dinner time. I scrapped plans to cook the chicken and came up with something else instead. Dinner was good and everyone had a good time. I even told my mum I’d give her a whole chicken which I couldn’t chop, so she could bring it home to cook. But she forgot to bring it back and it remained in my fridge, thawing.

The next day, I casually asked for hubby’s help to chop the chicken. Yes, he can chop a chicken. To make the job easier for him, I said just remove the legs, backside and neck(if any). I didn’t check back on him until the job was done. Thankfully, he didn’t ask why me (the housewife) couldn’t chop a chicken.

Fed up with the hassle the chicken had put me through, I decided to plonk the whole thing in the slow cooker and steam it. It was my first time steaming a chicken in the slow cooker and it worked. Just add the whole chicken, a little water, some seasoning, mushrooms and wolf berries, and let the steam do the job.

slow cooker steamed chicken


Four to five hours later, we had fall-apart tender chicken for dinner, served with rice. No issues about chopping it up as it gave way before I could cut it. All was forgiven.

steamed chicken

We had a lovely dinner that evening with plenty of leftovers.

slow cooker chicken

I decided to shred the leftover chicken and portion it into two bags for subsequent meals. We’re not big meat-eaters so one portion is usually enough for a meal. Happiness is when the next day’s dinner is partially ready!


The next day, I left dinner to the last minute as I was busy. And busy days usually mean pasta for dinner. After I picked Shannon from school, we dropped by the supermarket to see what I could make to use up the shredded chicken. I decided to buy some shredded cheese, thin-sliced ham and dou miao before heading home to cook dinner. (We used more veg and cheese than what’s pictured below)


I left the pasta to cook in the rice-cooker so I wouldn’t have to watch it. I don’t measure the pasta nor water. Just pour in slightly less than half a pack of pasta, make sure it’s covered with water and then add slightly more, and then shut the lid, checking it from time to time when there’s steam.


Meanwhile, my little helper got busy helping me to pound cornflakes to top the baked pasta. They love the tops of the pasta crispy, but I don’t usually have breadcrumbs at home. So we use whatever we have at home, from crackers to cornflakes. It works!


I steamed the dou miao in the rice cooker along with the pasta, using the steamer attachment, and poured all the prepared ingredients into the rice cooker when the pasta was done, just to mix it up. It looked a little dry so I added a pack of low sodium cream of chicken soup and some milk.


Here it is, in individual portions (to reduce washing), getting ready to be baked.


Top it off with shredded cheese and corn flakes! Ideally the conflakes should be more fine, but who am I to complain when I had cheerful help to do the job.




Bake it for 15 minutes or so until the cheese is melted. And have additional cornflakes on the side for serving!


I realise the chicken was steamed Chinese-style (sesame oil, Hua Tiao wine, soy sauce), but I used the shredded meat in a western pasta. Nevermind, no one complained, everyone said it was delicious. 🙂



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  1. misterk3 April 9, 2014 at 7:17 pm

    great post, love it!

  2. pc April 14, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    Another brilliant idea to prep meals;)!

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