Ideas for Mothers’ Day 2014

We’re not big on celebrating “Hallmark holidays” like Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day or Fathers’ Day. Valentine’s Day passes like any other day, while we may gather for a meal to celebrate Mothers’ Day for my mum and mum-in-law. The thing is, neither of them are big on such celebrations either. So while we may not always bring them out for a restaurant meal or shower them with extravagant gifts, we do try to do something special for them.

I thought I’d compile some flowers, food and fun ideas for Mothers’ Day, so you (or your husband) can try them out with your kids before Sunday rolls around (and as a reminder for myself before those posts get buried in archive of the blog)!

1) Flowers

Forget about expensive roses. Last year, we tried dyeing some white carnations and the results were beautiful. I gave step-by-step instructions as well.


The colours start being absorbed within the day so it was fun for the kids to watch the change unfold.


What was supposed to be a mini science experiment at home, became a gift for the teachers in Shannon’s school because they lasted the week or so until Sept 1 and it was such a waste to just leave them at home. Jason refused to bring flowers for his teachers…



While I wrapped them individually because we wanted to give every teacher in Shannon’s childcare a stalk, it would be lovely to bundle them up to give to the Grandmothers on Mothers’ Day. So, science lesson and Mothers’ day gift in one, why not? 🙂



2) Food

My mum and mum-in-law think nothing of whipping up wholesome, home-cooked dishes for us whenever we go over. So for special occasions, we either head out for a meal or host them to dinner so they can take a break.

slow cooker chicken

If you are looking for simple recipes, try this tender slow-cooked steamed chicken or a hearty chicken stew. And coming from someone who cooks dinner daily for my family, if I can have a meal cooked for me, I’d be too happy to care what the food is, even if it is something as simple as this macaroni soup! Hint, hint, to the people at home! And, if your kids have a funky grandma, try this Minion cake!

3) Fun

Finally, if flowers and food are not your Mum’s cup of tea, what about these?

If Grandma loves craft, she might appreciate something homemade. Framed kids’ photos always work out great, or a hand made card by the kids and you. Or what about something to decorate the kitchen or home? I decided to make a sign for my kitchen using the same technique as I did for the laundry sign and here is how it turned out.



Here it is above our kitchen cabinet.


Or if you are an organising junkie like I am, what about offering to organise a part of the home or kitchen for Mum? I used to do that with my sister whenever our parents went overseas for holidays (and we didn’t want to go along). We would tidy up their room, or the home. Nevermind that the mess came back not long after that!

Or what about a short or even day trip to Malaysia? We took a short break in Desaru last September and it could easily be turned into a day trip out to see the ostriches and have a meal, before returning in the evening.


Another fun thing to try out, is what I did last year – interview my kids on what they think of me as a Mum. Maybe I should repeat that this year!

I know my kids have made lovely cards for me which they will bring home from school today. Shannon spent all week whispering excitedly about the craft she’s making for me. 🙂

I count my blessings every day. With two rambunctious kids, there are always ups and downs, messes to be cleaned, warnings doled out for misbehaviour, and tough lessons to be learnt. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. And I’m pretty sure Mums out there feel the same too.

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Yes, I’ve finally changed the look of the blog, after procrastinating for months!

And, don’t forget to forward this post to your husband!





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