Cycling at Pasir Ris Park

pasir ris parkWe last went to Pasir Ris Park one morning in September last year, and cycled for two hours, getting a good workout in the process. It was a little too hot but we enjoyed outselves nonetheless. The picture above was taken then. It looks a little like one we took a decade ago, sans kids, when JQ and I cycled to Desaru with our university friends.

It’s a pity we don’t live nearer Pasir Ris, because we haven’t gone back there since. Over the weekend, we had to run some errands that took us to the vicinity, so the kids were clamouring to cycle there once again, and we did.

outing pasir ris park

We love the place. Bicycle rental is for two hours, and seems cheaper than in East Coast Park. There are cyclists, park-goers and those having a BBQ, but it’s on a smaller scale than ECP, making the place that much more tranquil.

cycling with family

We went back in the evening this time, starting our ride at about 4.30pm, and ending at 6.30pm. Lots of scenic spots like these.

scenic view at pasir ris park

We brought a foldable bike which I rode, and rented another two – one for Jason and another for JQ with a child seat that kept Shannon happy for two hours, enjoying the breeze.


Taking a break at a shady spot. (Jason trying to act cool) Ugh.

break from cycling

And Shannon proclaimed this tree a Magical Tree – even though she hasn’t read Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree – one of my favourite books when I was young.

tree at pasir ris park

Along the way, we met a HUGE dog, something that looked 1m-tall and we later found out weighed 55kg. I had to stop the owner to ask her all about it.

For a moment I forgot I had quit my job: How big/heavy/tall is the dog? Where’s it from? Do you need a special permit? (No) Does it bite? (No, it’s very gentle) Does it eat a lot? (Portion is controlled so it doesn’t grow too huge)

Thankfully she said she was used to the barrage of questions from strangers, and while I was talking to her, a crowd gathered, wowing at the size of the dog. It’s a Mountain Pyrenees, from the US, who followed his owner back to Singapore when he finished his work posting there. There are only a couple of them in Singapore. The lady’s brother owns the dog but he’s away and left it at a pet hotel nearby. She came to visit and walk the dog. The dog is a lucky one which lives in air-con 24/7, even at the pet hotel, (except when it’s brought out for a walk!) He loves attention from strangers, which he gets a lot.

dog at pasir ris park

I realise it may not look that big in the picture but it was. I’m no dog-lover even though the kids and JQ are. But I just Had to ask about it. Haha.

at pasir ris park

Then we said bye to Snowie and continued cycling. We lasted two whole hours because of the motivation of an iced cold drink at the end of it. Jason does not usually get to take cold drinks because he is prone to asthmatic wheezing. So it was a treat. Check out their smiles.

reward after cycling

We popped by the playground for a while to let them try a couple of play structures that have sprung up since we last visited.



pasir ris park playground

We capped off the evening with a delicious dinner at one of our favourite hawker centres at Bedok North Block 511. 

Among the dishes we ordered were Mee sua and Teochew steamed fish. Yummiest meal ever. 
IMG_0060Hope you had a good weekend too!







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