Easy rainbow cake

I’m no Nigella, but I do like to try out new cake designs. I’ve been wanting to do a rainbow cake since I saw various versions online. I was put off by the amount of washing needed though, since I would have to bake each layer or colour individually. Then I saw a version where I could just bake all the colours at one go and thought, ok that’s the one I’d try for Mother’s Day.

This is as easy, or actually, even easier than the Minion Cake I made for Jason’s birthday.

I started doing it before I remembered to take pictures. But the instructions are simple.

1. Mix up a batter for your favourite cake, a cake mix would do as well.

2. Scoop 2-3 tablespoons of batter out each time into a little bowl, add food colouring and mix it up. Pour into the centre of the baking pan.

3. Repeat Step 2 with different colours until the batter is used up. Pour each colour at the same spot so the batter will spread out as you pour.

I used a heart-shaped baking pan, and this is what it looked like before baking.



The colours looked rather dull after baking and I was disappointed. I sliced off the top slightly to even it up, and added some icing.



But when I cut it up, the pretty colours showed up nicely. 🙂




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