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Shannon and Ballet (Part 2)

Finally finished up some work for a business organisation that took me out of my comfort zone (I don’t usually do business stories! Much less that on China…) And I’m so glad that’s out of the way!

The last time I wrote about Shannon and ballet, she was asked to go back for a second trial lesson. I decided to let her go for it, but do it differently this time. I would not go into class with her. Continue reading


Garden inspiration

When I met Shermaine for lunch at Concetto in The Cathay a couple of months back, we spotted an indoor herb garden in the restaurant. I’ve always wanted a herb garden by my kitchen window but hubby was convinced it would not succeed because we don’t get direct sunlight there. Encouraged by the indoor garden I saw, I naively attempted to create one in my kitchen. Oh we had so much fun preparing for it, using an old fish tank my husband got for free because it leaked. Continue reading

Shannon and Ballet (Part 1)

I have a little dancer at home. She twirls, she preens, she bows and curtsies. She has been dancing at home from young.


She loves wearing tutus of all forms, especially if they come in her favourite colour – pink. Continue reading

Malacca, revisited

IMG_0415Malacca has always been our choice destination to break up the journey to or from Port Dickson. This time, we hit on a gem of a place to stay and that made all the difference in our two-night stopover. Calanthe Artisan Loft is a two-storey shophouse in the Jonker Street area. Continue reading

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