Shannon and Ballet (Part 2)

Finally finished up some work for a business organisation that took me out of my comfort zone (I don’t usually do business stories! Much less that on China…) And I’m so glad that’s out of the way!

The last time I wrote about Shannon and ballet, she was asked to go back for a second trial lesson. I decided to let her go for it, but do it differently this time. I would not go into class with her.

So on the day of her second trial class, I picked her from school and told her we were going for ballet lesson. She started crying, saying she did not want to go for class. So she sobbed all the way in the car, from her school to the ballet class (about a ten-minute car ride), even while changing into her leotard.

She got out of the car fairly willingly, still crying, and following me. I brought her into the class, still crying, and handed her to the teacher, still crying, and told her I would wait for her outside.

And I did, I decided to sit outside for 45 minutes, hoping for the best. I guessed the other mums around me were probably thinking what a Tiger Mum I was, forcing the girl to go for class.

When I peeked into the class through a tiny gap at the door after five minutes, she was intently listening to the teacher. After 10 minutes, she was doing the exercises along with all the other little girls. In 15 minutes, she was prancing around like the rest, shouting out answers gleefully when the teacher threw them questions.

After class, she ran out of the room into my arms with a wide grin on her face.

“I like ballet,” she announced. Moral of the story? Mummy cannot be with her when she goes for class or else she goes into her manja mode. And yes, follow gut instincts, even when misunderstood by others to be a Tiger Mum.

I wish I could say that ballet classes have since started and we’ve been going every week. Unfortunately, one of the other girls decided not to sign up for the class, and the class is now still short of one girl to start. I think they need at least five girls in the class.

Such an anti-climax, after all the tears and drama.

So while waiting for one more girl to sign up, Shannon’s still dancing at home. 🙂



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