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Painting up a storm

I was telling Jason recently about some paintings by my ex-colleague, Sandra – huge canvas ones hung on the wall in her new home, and how pretty they looked. Something about my account piqued his interest and he asked to buy some bigger canvases so he could do the same. Like Shannon, he doesn’t want to go for lessons, but for different reasons. Continue reading


Something is looming

They are colourful, intricate, and remind me of the friendship bands of my school days. I’m talking about the Rainbow Loom bands, created by a US-based Malaysian-born engineer. The craze has reached my home, and we finally relented and got Jason a pack of the colourful bands that is all the rage among kids now. Yup, it’s Jason who asked for it. And when he did, my first reaction was: “Um, isn’t that for girls?!” His reply: “No lah. My friends, the boys, are all doing it.” Continue reading

A pregnancy… and a loss

Soon after Shannon came along, I wrote in ST about how I could not imagine myself having a third kid. As it was, I could barely manage then, juggling a full-time reporting job and two kids. I was sleep-deprived most days, and hardly had time for myself and my husband. Many readers wrote in commiserating and sharing their experiences. Well, Jason is now 8 and Shannon 4.5 Рand I was never more glad to say goodbye to the nappy-changing, night-feeding years.

Then I found myself pregnant last month. Continue reading

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