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They are colourful, intricate, and remind me of the friendship bands of my school days. I’m talking about the Rainbow Loom bands, created by a US-based Malaysian-born engineer. The craze has reached my home, and we finally relented and got Jason a pack of the colourful bands that is all the rage among kids now. Yup, it’s Jason who asked for it. And when he did, my first reaction was: “Um, isn’t that for girls?!” His reply: “No lah. My friends, the boys, are all doing it.”


And while the bands come in all colours, he chose the “boy colours” to make the bands for himself.


While I love crafts, I haven’t felt an inclination to pick up this particular one. Everything he learnt came from Youtube, or his cousin, or his Laosim. My sole contribution to his latest interest was to provide him with a compartmentalised box for the bands his papa bought him, which previously contained my cookie cutters. They fit perfectly in there, even the tools, and that makes me happy because they are not all over the home.


The top row of bands are Jason’s, and he made most of the bottom row of bands for Shannon, who was pleased as punch to wear them. He’s made a pair for their papa and me as well and beams with pride when we wear them.


He is most adept at making the basic band – the “Fish Tail” – and found some of the other styles too difficult to follow on the video tutorials. At a recent family gathering, he discovered a fellow loom-lover in his Laosim and he spent a fruitful evening mastering the “Dragon Scale”.



Throughout all this, we presumed Shannon was too young to have a go at it. So when Laosim asked Shannon if she would like to try her hand at making a bracelet herself, Shannon shyly replied that she didn’t know how. Laosim gamely said, “I will teach you.” And she did.


She taught Shannon how to make an “Inverted Fish Tail”, which she said was easy enough for a 4.5 year old to learn, and left her to repeat the steps after guiding her for the first few rounds.


Amazingly, Shannon kept at it, methodically repeating the steps in the coloured bands of her choice.


After 30 minutes, she successful created an Inverted Fish Tail!


The final product:


I felt bad that I totally underestimated her. See how pleased she is with herself.


Some impressive creations from Laosim include the “Minion” and “Rose Garden”!


PS, Thanks for your kind messages yesterday regarding the miscarriage, and for sharing your personal stories. Thanks also to S who remembered that this month is the first death anniversary of my grandmother. Appreciate the concern. 🙂



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