Painting up a storm

I was telling Jason recently about some paintings by my ex-colleague, Sandra – huge canvas ones hung on the wall in her new home, and how pretty they looked. Something about my account piqued his interest and he asked to buy some bigger canvases so he could do the same. Like Shannon, he doesn’t want to go for lessons, but for different reasons. He used to take art classes, but he’s stopped since the beginning of this year because he would rather spend his Sunday mornings… watching TV.

He still paints on and off, but now learns from library books or YouTube. Anyway, the purchase of several sizes of canvas boards from Art Friend has reignited his interest and he’s spent the recent weekends painting with acrylic paints.


I thought they looked like blue roses but I’m apparently reading too much into it. “No, they’re just circles,” he insisted.



He got the idea from a library book, Acrylics, (on the floor below, cover partially hidden), and has been experimenting with the different techniques inside. He was trying to recreate the cover of the book below, but in his favourite colour – green.



This is the final product, I just propped it in front of another picture in an old frame, hence it doesn’t fit exactly, and put the wooden craft word in front of it. I thought he could do more to blend the white, but he lost interest in touching up after a while.


A sunrise or sunset picture.


With a flock of birds!


I like watching him paint, because I’ve never been much of a painter. I like painting furniture, containers or signs, but I’ve never felt inclined to paint a picture the way Jason does. This time, he looked like he was having so much fun I decided to have a go at painting something. Shannon and I chose a simple one from his book but the blending technique which I thought looked easy, wasn’t at all easy. This was my first attempt at painting balloons in the sky. I chose the picture because it had my favourite colours, but I was totally unable to paint the clouds the way it looked in the book! I did it my own way in the end, swirling the brush here and there and finally called it a day.


Added Instagram filters!

The paintings have found a home on top of our piano, blocking all the smaller photo frames that used to be there. 



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