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Making bed

I’ve been trying to get the kids to make their bed since the beginning of this year. I totally get Jason when he questions, “why must we make the bed? We’re going to sleep in it at night anyway.” Or, “Noone will see it, why bother?” Those were my exact sentiments when my mother made me fold my blanket when I was young. Continue reading


Chek Jawa and Changi Boardwalk


The last time we went to Pulau Ubin, the kids were just five and two. So when we mentioned Ubin during our recent Changi Cove staycation, neither remembered that we took a ferry there with their grandma three years ago, had lunch there, before they both started whining about how hot it was and we left soon after. I didn’t refresh their memory either, some things are best left forgotten. Continue reading

Changi Cove Hotel Staycation

Unlike last year‘s September holidays, we did not leave the country this time – because we forgot to renew Shannon’s passport! By the time we got round to doing so, it was a week from the holidays, and I thought it was too stressful trying to figure out if it would get done on time. So we decided to take a staycation instead. Continue reading

Mid-Autumn Fun

I’m a big believer of family traditions. It’s Mid-Autumn Festival today, and since a couple of years ago, we started a mini-tradition of bringing the kids downstairs to the playground, where all the neighbourhood kids congregate with their lanterns, sparklers and candles on Mid-Autumn Festival. I sense such festivities being met with decreasing excitement as the kids grow older, so I was a tad surprised when both Jason and Shannon enthusiastically agreed to go downstairs with their lanterns tonight. Continue reading

DIY hot-air balloon lantern

It’s the time of the year where we pull out our lanterns, let the kids play with fire (candles and sparklers), and eat over-priced, exotic flavoured moon cakes. But apart from the usual fanfare, mid-Autumn festival has taken on a DIY perspective since the kids’ started preschool because Shannon’s school organises an annual lantern-making competition that involves recycled materials and parents. Continue reading

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