Mid-Autumn Fun

I’m a big believer of family traditions. It’s Mid-Autumn Festival today, and since a couple of years ago, we started a mini-tradition of bringing the kids downstairs to the playground, where all the neighbourhood kids congregate with their lanterns, sparklers and candles on Mid-Autumn Festival. I sense such festivities being met with decreasing excitement as the kids grow older, so I was a tad surprised when both Jason and Shannon enthusiastically agreed to go downstairs with their lanterns tonight. I was looking back at a note I wrote in 2011, and I see how much they have grown. Same playground, same corner, (we somehow veer to the same spot every year); kids three years older. Today’s pictures aren’t very good as they were taken with my hp camera.


We hang our lanterns on the nearby bushes because they make for a pretty photo backdrop. Below picture (from left): Two store-bought lanterns from previous years, Jason’s egg carton lantern from two years ago that is still is excellent condition, followed by Shannon’s hot-air balloon lantern. We don’t throw our lanterns away unless they are damaged. I just keep them in a large plastic container and it goes in our storeroom until the following year.


Their favourite part is usually playing with sparklers, followed by lighting the candles. I forgot to buy sparklers this year, so we made do with leftover candles.


And then they made their own sparklers by lighting up the ends of twigs.


My mum and youngest sister joined us this year, so the kids were delighted with the extra company.


We did something else this year. After we played with the candles, their papa whipped out a metal scraper he ran up to get and scraped off the candle wax and threw it away. I’m glad we did that, because we greet the cleaner uncle every morning, and he shares how tough his job can be. It feels somewhat hypocritical to be nodding along with him when we create part of the mess he has to clean up. And I’m glad that we have progressed to doing something about it after I wrote about it three years ago. (I’m referring to the last few pars in that long column). Better late than never. And even though Jason had only cursory interest when I tried to get him to do the scraping, hopefully we continue this tradition of scraping wax off after playing with candles, so it eventually gets into his head.


For those who were asking about the results of the lantern competition, Shannon did win this year! There were six prizes. She’s not sure exactly which prize she won, or maybe there is no differentiation. But the bigger news is that the balloon burst in the week it was hanging in her school! And the paper mache did not crumble like we thought it would. It was just dented in some parts. So while she was delighted with her win, I was most satisfied to see that the balloon did not collapse entirely! 🙂



Til the next Mid-Autumn Festival!


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