Making bed

I’ve been trying to get the kids to make their bed since the beginning of this year. I totally get Jason when he questions, “why must we make the bed? We’re going to sleep in it at night anyway.” Or, “Noone will see it, why bother?” Those were my exact sentiments when my mother made me fold my blanket when I was young. I did get into a habit of doing so and soon(maybe after many months?) it became second nature. I’m hoping it will be the case for them.

So why do I bother asking them to make their bed? Since I quit my job, I’ve been staying home more.  I just prefer to look at a neatly-made bed rather than a messy one when I pass by their room. 🙂

It’s not something Jason totally agrees with, but he does it anyway now. My standards are not very high, so the task actually takes them just seconds to do. All I ask is they arrange their pillow(s) neatly at the top, and leave the bolster at the foot of the bed. Jason who previously went without a blanket most of the time, has decided he doesn’t want one on his bed at all, to save the trouble of folding/arranging it. The air con is switched on for only an hour each night, so he doesn’t get chilly on the bunk bed. Shannon’s usual blanket is a cot sized one so she folds that in no time.

He sleeps on the top bunk, so I suggested he make his bed the moment he wakes up to save the trouble of climbing up again later on. Doesn’t always work but we’re hopefully getting there.

Shannon, on the other hand, has taken to the task like fish to water. She makes her bed most days, and even reminds me to make mine. The few occasions she didn’t do so, was when she woke up in a bad mood, or when she was late for school. She even offers to do korkor’s job for him ever so often.

Beds as made by Shannon.


Since she does his share on some days, I sometimes get him to do the job for her in return. He doesn’t always agree but he did one morning. Then he excitedly pulled me into the room to check if he had done a good job. This is his version of a made bed: Two eyes with mounds of blankets(bedsheets) as eyeballs, Shannon’s Friend as the nose, and the bolster as an unsmiling mouth – because he doesn’t like making his bed. Something like that :-l



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