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Exams? What exams?

It’s exam week for eight-year-old Jason. They didn’t have exams in Primary 1 last year, so this is his first exam in primary school. As usual, I was more excited than him about it. I had grand plans to get him on a study schedule a month before. I drew up a calendar, telling him when his exam would be, started planning out which chapters(mainly Chinese) to revise when. He gave the calendar a cursory glance, said “ok, ok”. Nothing happened. Continue reading


Old habits die hard


Old habits die hard. It is just past 12 midnight, early Friday morning. The family’s asleep and I find myself at the laptop tap tap tapping away to file a piece of work. It’s like my days in Sunday Times, where my self-imposed deadline to give my editor my story before Friday mornings, would see me rushing to file stories on late Thursday to early Friday mornings. Continue reading

Friday’s dinner – Beef stew

This is the last post in the series to chronicle our weekday dinners.

On Monday, we had sliced fish soup, Tuesday, we had steamed chicken ladies’ fingers and tofu, Wednesday, we had grilled salmon, and Thursday, we had grilled chicken.

It’s slow cooker day today. Slow cooker days are good. It means I’ve got dinner more or less settled early in the day. It means I had time to plan what I need, buy what I need, prepare it and pop it in the crockpot. Continue reading

Thursday’s dinner – Grilled chicken, sweet corn, long beans

This is the fourth post in the series to chronicle our weekday dinners. 

On Monday we had sliced fish soup, Tuesday we had steamed chicken, Wednesday grilled salmon.

Thursdays are special because we don’t have dinner at home. Instead we have a tiffin meal in Jason’s school. He has taekwando in school every Thursday from 7 to 8.30pm. He is in the afternoon session and school lets out at 6.30pm, which means he has just half an hour for dinner. So instead of rushing to and from school, I cook dinner, pack it and we go to school to have dinner with him. Continue reading

Wednesday’s dinner – Grilled salmon, sunny side up, broccoli

This is the third post in the series to chronicle our weekday dinners.

On Monday we had sliced fish soup, Tuesday we had steamed chicken ladies’ fingers and tofu.

Today, it’s salmon, eggs and broccoli. I love fish. So does Jason. We love it steamed or grilled. Shannon and her papa prefer their fish fried, which they don’t get from my kitchen. So they get their fix when we do eat out, either from the mixed veg stall or nasi lemak stall. Their favourite is the kuning fish, fried to perfection by the Malay stall near our place. I think we have not had fried fish at home since my helper Anna left 2.5 years ago. 🙂 Continue reading

Tuesday’s dinner – Steamed chicken, ladies’ fingers

This is the second post in the series to chronicle our weekday dinners.

We had a one-pot meal of sliced fish soup last night, so I decided to vary tonight’s dinner with a couple of dishes with rice. This week is not a usual week – Jason doesn’t have school from Tuesday to Friday because of PSLE marking. I did not plan to do any work these few days because of that, but things don’t always go as I wish. So I ended up having to plug stories and finish up some work. Before I knew it, half a day was over. My plans to do a slow cooker meal so I could bring him out, were scuttled. Continue reading

Monday’s dinner – Sliced fish soup with noodles

This is the first post in the series to chronicle our weekday dinners.

I cook weekday dinners whenever I can. There are several reasons I try hard to do so even though I’m not a natural-born chef. There are people who love to cook. Then there are people who cook for those they love. I fall into the second category. Continue reading

Not a bored housewife

I’m not sure where in my last post gave the impression of the kind of life I lead, but I laughed out loud when someone sent me this message – “What’s there not to like about being a tai tai(rich, married woman who does not need to work)? ;)” Continue reading

Do I miss my job?

It’s been eight months since I left my full-time job. At an ex-colleague’s wedding last week, I was asked several times if I missed my job, if I would consider returning to work. Continue reading

Chalk and cheese, and a quick recipe

At any given meal time with my kids, I run the risk of sounding like a schizophrenic.

To one child, I say, “Okay, I think you’ve had enough” or “Last piece, ok? Leave the rest for us”.

To the other, I say, “Would you like more meat/soup/rice/veg/egg” or “Another mouthful? You’ve had so little”. Continue reading

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