Wednesday’s dinner – Grilled salmon, sunny side up, broccoli

This is the third post in the series to chronicle our weekday dinners.

On Monday we had sliced fish soup, Tuesday we had steamed chicken ladies’ fingers and tofu.

Today, it’s salmon, eggs and broccoli. I love fish. So does Jason. We love it steamed or grilled. Shannon and her papa prefer their fish fried, which they don’t get from my kitchen. So they get their fix when we do eat out, either from the mixed veg stall or nasi lemak stall. Their favourite is the kuning fish, fried to perfection by the Malay stall near our place. I think we have not had fried fish at home since my helper Anna left 2.5 years ago. 🙂 On the bright side, I don’t have to slog in the kitchen, mopping oily floors after cooking. So it means I have more time to spend with the kids. Count your blessings, I tell them.

Grilling is the next best thing to deep-frying. I love baking or grilling because everything happens inside the confined space of the oven. I don’t do anything elaborate (like cream sauces etc), so fish that tastes good with little seasoning suits us. All I add to the salmon, is dill or dry mixed herbs and a dash of teriyaki sauce. I pop the fish into the oven for 20 minutes or so. When I get the timing right, the skin is crispy and can almost pass off as being fried, almost. And the inside is tender.


Eggs are usually a crowd pleaser, except with Shannon. But she sometimes gives sunny-side ups a go, especially when the edges are crispy. She has an aversion to the yolk, disliking anything mushy. So she usually goes for the egg whites. I’m hopeful her tastebuds will change, so we’ll see. Snapped a picture of the eggs before they were fully cooked. I do cook the yolks thoroughly because I don’t like them runny.


Blanched veggies are an acquired taste, I tell my mum. She stayed at my place for a couple of weeks last year after a kneecap operation and had a taste of my cooking. She concluded after her stay that only my family will eat vegetables the way I cook them. And they do. But I was worried enough to ask my husband if I should start stir-frying them instead of blanching them. He says it’s ok, he’s used to it, no need to fry. Like Focus on the Family teaches, when men say it’s ok, they mean it’s ok, right? 🙂 The kids do have it with a dip sometimes. Somehow, they eat more vegetables when they use their fingers to dip, then eat.


I try to include red capsicums or cherry tomatoes on the menu once a week because Shannon loves them. She only likes them raw though. So I try to buy organic where possible, wash it repeatedly, and add some distilled white vinegar as well when rinsing, just in case. While experts say we shouldn’t pander to kids’ preference too much, I give in when it’s healthy stuff she loves. There are worse things than golden kiwi and raw vegetables to crave. We’ve started eating more of these since Shannon came along!




Grilled Salmon




1 slab salmon

mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, long beans (optional – these were items I had in my fridge today)

Dill or mixed herbs

some lemon juice

Teriyaki sauce (diluted type, not the thick type)



Wash salmon and pat dry

Place long beans in dish, add salmon, mushrooms, tomatoes, herbs, lemon juice and teriyaki sauce

Grill in oven for 25 minutes at 190 dec C



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