Thursday’s dinner – Grilled chicken, sweet corn, long beans

This is the fourth post in the series to chronicle our weekday dinners. 

On Monday we had sliced fish soup, Tuesday we had steamed chicken, Wednesday grilled salmon.

Thursdays are special because we don’t have dinner at home. Instead we have a tiffin meal in Jason’s school. He has taekwando in school every Thursday from 7 to 8.30pm. He is in the afternoon session and school lets out at 6.30pm, which means he has just half an hour for dinner. So instead of rushing to and from school, I cook dinner, pack it and we go to school to have dinner with him. The school canteen is abuzz on Thursday evenings because of the night Taekwando and wushu lessons. The parents (or maids/grannies) of kids who are involved in these lessons pack food for the kids and we all gather in the canteen. It’s rather festive.


Most don’t eat with the kids though, they watch the kids eat and go home for dinner after that. But then again, most don’t lug their whole family along, like us. I figured it saves time and we get to eat as a family. So it’s what we have been doing since he started lessons in school this year. He likes that we all go to school to have dinner with him. He has been learning Taekwando outside since he was six, but we switched him to the school’s programme once he was eligible because it costs something like one tenth of the price in school!


I remind him not to eat too much, since he is going to be exercising soon after dinner. So he usually has a smaller portion, then drinks milk with a small snack after Taekwando. He tells me it’s not that vigorous since they do the “pattern” or strokes, more than sparring.


So because we have to pack dinner, Thursday dinners have to be dry. No soups or anything with gravy. The tiffin is not leak-proof and I would rather not add ‘cleaning car interior’ to my list of To-Dos. Fried rice or pasta works well for Thursday, or even dishes with rice. He does not have Taekwando this week because of PSLE marking, so I’ll share what we ate last Thursday.


I was planning to cook fried rice last Thursday, but eventually decided to do a deconstructed version. It just means I didn’t fry up all the ingredients but left them separate. 😉


Raw cherry tomatoes as an extra side dish for Shannon.


Grilled chicken breasts

(I used pre-marinated chicken last week because I was out for an interview, so all I had to do was pop it into the oven. But I sometimes do it from scratch. Or buy rotisserie chicken if they’re on sale – the ready-grilled ones sold in the supermarkets)

To do it from scratch –


2 chicken breasts

Dried rosemary (or other herbs), pepper and salt

olive oil



Drizzle chicken with olive oil

Coat with rosemary, pepper and salt

Grill for 20 minutes at 180 deg C


Stir-fried long beans

(For fried rice, I would chop them finely. But to save time, I would cut them to an inch long. Lack of time was the main reason I didn’t cook fried rice last week)


Long beans

ikan bilis and garlic

Seasoning if desired



Fry ikan bilis and garlic in oil

Add long beans and fry for 5 minutes

Add a splash of water and cover wok to speed up process

Season with light sauce if needed


Steamed corn

(This went in the steamer attachment of the rice cooker, and was done alongside the rice)


Frozen sweet corn

Knob of butter

Salt if needed (I didn’t add)



Rinse corn, add butter

Place in steamer attachment

Steam alongside rice




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