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The end of Taekwando

It’s funny how some things come back to bite you.

When Jason wanted to learn Taekwando when he was six, my condition to him was that he had to keep at it and not give it up halfway. He said ok and started classes. He has kept at it for three years. There were several times over the last few years when his interest waned, sometimes after he missed a few classes because of a flu bug, or after we returned from holidays. But each time I encouraged him to continue lessons. It was after all, the only class he attended outside of school then. Continue reading


Homemade Oreo ice-cream cake


I’m using the term homemade rather loosely, because I didn’t really “make” any thing that went into this cake. It was simply putting some ingredients together, just like Jason’s Minion cake. We celebrated Shannon’s birthday in advance with my in laws and I realised after googling for ideas that I had enough at home to make an Oreo ice-cream cake. Continue reading

Shannon turns 5!

Shannon had just one request for her birthday – to take the double-decker bus! So we did, just the two of us, while the boys were in school. She had a small celebration in school with her friends, and we set off to look for a double decker bus to take. Where we stay, the double decker buses ply the roads during peak hours, so we ended up taking a single-deck bus to town, with the plan to take the double-deck one home. Continue reading

Tuition – yes or no?

Last Sunday, I wrote a column for The Sunday Times, about my struggle on whether or not to send Jason for Chinese tuition. While it was a personal column, it was sparked off by a story on parents asking for MOE to regulate the tuition industry. Continue reading

DHS Guzheng reunion

2014 looks to be a year of reunions. First the Dunman High cohort reunion in June, and over the weekend, my co-curricular activity reunion. This gathering was supposed to be a farewell party for Cindy (Xiuhui), who would be relocating to London with her hubby, but it turned out to be a good reason for us all to meet again, thanks to Clarissa (Lirong) for organising and Yubo for providing the venue. Continue reading

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