DHS Guzheng reunion

2014 looks to be a year of reunions. First the Dunman High cohort reunion in June, and over the weekend, my co-curricular activity reunion. This gathering was supposed to be a farewell party for Cindy (Xiuhui), who would be relocating to London with her hubby, but it turned out to be a good reason for us all to meet again, thanks to Clarissa (Lirong) for organising and Yubo for providing the venue. Cindy and Clarissa below, both are one year younger than I.

IMG_0014The rest of us who turned up, including some of Cindy’s classmates and JC friends. We counted five batches of Guzheng alumni here.


I was in Chinese Orchestra for four years in Dunman High, and another two in Victoria JC, (because VJC’s CO was virtually a Dunman alumni affair). In Sec 1, I chose the musical instrument Guzheng(Chinese zither) because I knew nothing about it. I had only seen the Guzheng in Chinese period dramas and thought it looked exotic and interesting. It turned out to be an instrument that was easy to learn, but difficult to master.

I dug out some old pictures after the reunion, and had a good time look through them.


That’s me, on the left, during a performance at Victoria Concert Hall. I wasn’t kidding when I said our school skirts had to cover our knees…

Apart from picking up a new musical instrument, I got to take part in numerous concerts in and out of school, as well as helped to organise them. We went to places in China and Hong Kong for performances as well. Disclaimer: The humongous blue jackets were provided free by the travel agent!


These experiences taught me with skills I could never have picked up elsewhere. That’s a big reason I’m fully supportive of my kids taking part in CCAs. The bonus was spending time with friends.


Our CCA practice took place every Saturday morning, and we would stop for lunch, usually chicken rice from the nearby coffeeshop bought in by one of us. After lunch, it would be more practice, or one meeting or another. Or simply hanging out with friends, and most times, that was what we did. Those were good days.

It was good to catch up with everyone again, some of us with kids and spouses in tow. My kids were curious when I said I was meeting old friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen for 20 years. They asked: “Are they very old?” “What if you don’t recognise them? (They’re not very old and I recognise all of them!)


I got a kick seeing our kids playing together. 

IMG_0010 IMG_0013

All the best to Cindy! 🙂

And yes, we must meet more frequently than once in 20 years!


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