Shannon turns 5!

Shannon had just one request for her birthday – to take the double-decker bus! So we did, just the two of us, while the boys were in school. She had a small celebration in school with her friends, and we set off to look for a double decker bus to take. Where we stay, the double decker buses ply the roads during peak hours, so we ended up taking a single-deck bus to town, with the plan to take the double-deck one home.

Here she is, all decked out in her Princess Sophia outfit from her eryi, my sister. It’s a dress she has worn for three out of four days since she was given the gift! I asked if she wanted to change out of her outfit for our outing and she gave me a firm “no”. You’re only five once, so yes, I went along with her, trying to ignore the amused smiles she got throughout the day.


With no plan in mind, we decided to alight when we saw these white carriages outside Ion, which formed the perfect backdrop for a princess who loves to take pictures.

wpid-imag0965.jpgWe had already had lunch, so she got a frozen yogurt treat. After popping into a couple of shops, we started making plans to take the bus back. It’s the journey, not the destination, right?!


We waited for 5 single-deck buses to pass, before a double-deck one came along. 


All excited at the thought of taking a double-decker bus.


And finally, when the bus rolled in, she queued happily, tapped my EZlink card, clamoured to the upper level, and settled down in a window seat.


She chattered non-stop, asking dozens of questions.


She declared it “the best day ever”, after the bus ride. 🙂

Taking a leaf from my friend Tracey, I enlisted Shannon’s help to bake cupcakes for her school celebration the day before.


It was a simple job, using a packet of cake mix.


She loved how they turned out, but found them too sweet for her liking.

Apart from the princess dress, her other favourite gift is a Nerf Rebelle gun from her korkor. I casually mentioned the idea of him getting her a gift, but he ran with it, and decided to get her a girl’s version of his favourite Nerf gun. He searched high and low (determined to get the best deal), since he was using his savings, and finally settled on one from Amazon, and we ordered it, together with a pack of pretty bullet refills.


So yes, Shannon is now five. She still loves her Friend, loves dancing, and helping me around the home. My type of girl. 🙂  


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  1. inspiredlivingkc November 12, 2014 at 2:04 am

    What a fun memory – good job Mommy!

  2. Jane Ng November 12, 2014 at 11:29 pm

    Thank you!

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