Monthly Archives: December 2014

December, in summary

It’s been a good, long break. I turned down any work that came along in December, and have been soaking up time with the family. We did many things, we also did nothing on some days. With everyone at home, I haven’t felt inclined to sit in front of my laptop to blog, not even at night when everyone’s asleep. Continue reading


Want to enjoy primary school? Find some good friends first

Before Jason entered Primary 1 last year, we did all sorts of things to prepare him. They ranged from teaching him how to order food, to packing his schoolbag, to telling time, and it went on. Then he started school. Each day when I dropped him off in school, I would send him off with reminders to pay attention in class, drink more water, be courteous. How dreary, now that I think back on it. Continue reading

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