Shannon’s “new” table

The kids have been back to school for a week now. Jason in P3, and Shannon in K2. I’m still luxuriating in the fact that I have mornings free to do my own thing, now that both are in school in the mornings. Unfortunately, I’ve been down with a cold the past few days, so my plans to exercise and do a variety of other activities have been put on hold.

Meanwhile, Shannon was recently gifted my sister’s old study table. There is a corner in their shared bedroom where her kiddy table used to be, but I thought a proper study table would come in useful when she’s in P1 next year.

It’s not very obvious but her old table is just beside the bunk bed.


We didn’t measure the table before bringing it back, thankfully, it fits, and perfectly too.


A “new” table meant an excuse for decorating and organising.


I had planned to put up the balloons painting we did over the holidays, revamp her old noticeboard (a Teachers’ Day gift her papa got from his students), and add a colourful bunting garland.

Using three types of scrapbook paper, I cut out triangles about 10cm in height.


Punched holes in them.


Threaded a string through.


And that’s it. I hung them up above her desk, using a clear Command wall hook in the middle. I tied one end to the window grille and the other end to their bunk bed.


Her old noticeboard was given a coat of white paint at the rim. I used a piece of fabric sticker from $2 Daiso to cover up the cork board.


And called it done.


Here’s her new desk with the painting and notice board added.


I filled a desk caddy with colour pencils and markers, so she can do her crafts here.


There it is, a small corner to call her own in the bedroom she shares with her korkor.


I included a little trash bin because she loves cutting up paper and I don’t want to be picking up little bits and bobs all the time.

I did this as a surprise while she was in school so the best part was seeing her delighted reaction when she got home!


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