Shannon and Ballet (Part 3)


After a six-month wait, we finally decided to opt for a weekend class instead. The weekday class we wanted was not able to start as there weren’t enough pupils signing up, so after Shannon went for the first trial class, then the second, we had to wait further. 


She would ask ever so often, “When is my ballet class starting?” So even though we had conscientiously kept the kids’ free from any sort of classes during the weekends, we decided to make an exception this time. It’s the only class she attends, or wants to attend.


She was all excited last Saturday. The school provided instructions on how to bun up her hair, both a dvd and a sheet of printed instructions. So I now know how to do a proper bun. They also gave a “beauty box” of rubber bands, two types of bobby pins, hair nets, scrunchy – all the ingredients for a perfect ballerina bun.


Signing up for lessons meant having to buy the leotard and tutu. She wore her own socks, and her cousin’s hand-me-down shoes.


She was ready to go for class an hour before her lesson, and we were the first to reach there. She was all smiles as she put on her shoes outside the classroom.


And cheerfully waved me off as she went into the class with her teacher. Even better was seeing her come out of class with a big grin. 🙂


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