Papa is away

Their papa is away for reservist these two weeks, which means I’ve had to do double duty. One of the jobs I’ve had to take over was to send Jason to school in the mornings. Jason is an early riser, (the kind who jumps up the moment the alarm goes off), so is his papa. Unfortunately, I’m not, (I snooze for as long as I can…). It doesn’t help that night time is the time I do my freelance writing, and I don’t usually sleep early, so his biggest worry was that I would not wake him up on time, and he would be late for school. It hasn’t happened yet.

It also means I’ve had to handle their bedtime routine on my own. While most of it is fine, as they’re both fairly independent now, it becomes challenging when Jason has school work that needs my help in the evenings, while Shannon is impatiently waiting for me to read to her. My husband and I would usually divide and conquer, but I’ve had to ask one of them to be patient while I attend to the other.

They bombard their papa with questions when he can get out for a night. Questions I don’t have answers to: How many people sleep together in your bunk? Do you sleep on double decker beds? Is the food nice in army camp? Is it buffet style? What do you DO in army? Why don’t you come home every night? And on it goes.


While there have been inconveniences because our usual routine is disrupted, there are actually many things to be thankful for, and I would rather focus on them:

1) I’m thankful I’m the only one who has to struggle to wake up at 6.30am. Both kids are cheerful the moment they are up, yes, even Shannon who usually sleeps until 7.30am or so.

2) I’m thankful Jason makes his own breakfast in the mornings, so I literally just have to get up, brush my teeth and leave the home.

3) I’m thankful both kids help out with the dishes and laundry while their papa is away. Shannon, who will be six at the end of the year, has been helping with soaping and scrubbing the dishes after dinner every night. She thinks it’s fun. Jason wipes the table and throws the rubbish, even though he doesn’t find it fun. Now I just have to figure out how to make this a regular thing instead of it happening only while their papa is away.

4) I’m thankful both kids wolf down my simple dinners, because it got even simpler while their papa is away. It’s difficult to cook anything elaborate for an adult and two kids.

5) I’m thankful my workload is flexible. These two weeks would have been far more challenging if I had to juggle a full-time job and fly solo.

Best of all, this is their papa’s last in-camp training. Yay!


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