Pineapple tarts!

IMG_0207It’s that time of the year again when I search out my old pineapple tart recipe. I don’t bake as often as I would like to throughout the year, but I make it a point to do it during Chinese New Year. We can forgo homemade for all CNY goodies, except for pineapple tarts. The mass market ones don’t appeal to us anymore. They are just not worth the calories. The buttery, crumbly, premium ones come with a premium price tag, which I’m not willing to pay for. So the next best thing? Make your own!


This came from an online recipe I found years ago, which I’ve modified over the years. Now, I only go as far as to make the crust, which, to me, makes or breaks a pineapple tart. Without a helper, I no longer make the jam. I’ve found a decent pineapple jam in the Singlong brand so I’ve stuck with it since.


Pineapple Tart Crust


– 400g plain flour
– 250g butter (I used SCS)
– 2 egg yolks (plus one more for egg wash)
– 2-3 teaspoons cold water
– 3.5 teaspoons castor sugar


Use a fork to rub butter into flour and sugar until it is crumbly.

Add egg yolks and cold water and mix dough well. I use a fork but you could also use hands.

Shape dough into balls and fill with jam. I prefer closed tarts because the jam does not dry out.

Brush top with egg yolk and bake at 160 deg for 25 minutes.


Since it’s the Year of the Goat… I couldn’t resist these I saw online. Just add some shaped dough on top, 2 chocolate chips and 2 sesame seeds, and voila!



The kids have been “helping” me for the last few years, and were previously more of a hindrance than help. Let’s just say their attempt to slip in no-jam tarts along with mine were funny only to them. This year, I decided to go with the flow and told them they could make their own tarts. Their version of the tarts, are just that, tarts. No jam, no filling. They like it plain, and love the buttery, crumbly crust more than any pineapple jams. To say they were pleased was an understatement.


Their happy smiles were worth the pastry-littered floor, oily table and were a welcome distraction from an otherwise routine task of knead, roll, fill, shape… 

Fresh from the oven.

Cooling down. 

Happy Year of the Goat!



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