Jason turns 9

Sometimes I find it hard to believe my first-born is now 9.


Wasn’t it just yesterday that he was just a couple of months old?!


This year we had a combined do with both his grandmothers. Our talented baker friend, Weiwei, is back in action, so instead of his Mummy’s homemade cake, he had a beautiful, professional, fondant Captain America cake!


Check out the paparazzi… If you think they were taking pictures of the birthday boy, think again. They were aiming at the cake!



Weiwei yiyi asked him what cake he would like to have and he decided on the spur of the moment that   it would be Captain America, when he spotted his Captain America stuffed toy (below). That set the stage for the rest of the party.


We had some time to plan the party, and since I didn’t have to think about baking the cake, I decided to get a little crafty with the favours. There are many free Captain America printables online, so one could just print and stick them on. But why make the job so easy for the kids?!

I decided they would work for the party. So instead of printing the Captain America shields in colour, I found outlines of the shield and had them colour it in. Jason is lucky that his sister is REALLY into colouring now. Because if he had been the only one doing the job, we might not have had many goodie bags with coloured shields!


She painstakingly outlined them, before colouring them in with marker. She kept at the job until it was all done!!


So bottles like these…


Were transformed into these. I cut out the shields and pasted them on a piece of construction paper.

Happy birthday, Jason!



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