It’s been a while…

An update of sorts. A couple of deadlines converged in the last couple of weeks, so blogging has taken a backseat. Now, things are slightly less hectic work wise. There are still deadlines to be met in the next few weeks, but at least they are spaced wider apart. I’ve finished my last lesson in NTU this semester. It’s been an enriching experience supervising a group of enthusiastic journalism undergrads, and I’m looking forward to seeing their bylines in the national papers soon.


I was also busy with Sunday Times work, and I had fun interviewing a chess prodigy in the 60s for the weekly history page. Mr Tan Lian Ann is now 68 and a company managing director, but he was routinely winning adults in the game from the time he was 10 years old.


Over on the home front, a niggling flu bug has been making its rounds the last few weeks, and we’re hopefully at the tail end of this germy season.

We’ve been keeping busy at home.

Painting Easter eggs with Shannon:

wpid-imag1978.jpg wpid-imag1983.jpg

While Jason whipped up another storm on canvas using acrylics… wpid-imag2111.jpg

We went for a school funfair – not the one in the news, but another that happened to be on the same day. Shannon declared this her favourite activity. wpid-imag2115.jpg

She had her first ballet recital, four months after starting lessons. She’s come a long way from the first time she went for a ballet trial last year!


With the reduced prices at KidsStop – the children’s Science Centre, we went to check it out one morning. I’ve been wanting to bring Shannon there since I did the advertorial for their opening last June, but I was put off by the high admission price. So I’m glad they’ve lowered the prices. Admission to Science Centre is now free so we’ll be planning a trip there soon. Do take note of the visiting hours on KidsStop’s website if you’re heading there, they have fixed session blocks.


I meant to do a detailed post on KidsStop, but was foiled by an absent SD card in my camera…

And here’s how we’ve been beating the heat at home. Or rather, how they have been beating the heat. One fan per person.

wpid-imag2124.jpg wpid-imag2125.jpg


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