Happy Mother’s Day!

I don’t usually plan things way ahead, but three months ago, we planned for an extended family gathering at my place. We set the date on May 10 because my cousin, Kevin, who now lives in Switzerland, would be back with his wife, Steffi, for a week. I had been meaning to invite my grandma and other relatives over so it was a good chance for everyone to gather.


Only in recent weeks did I realise Mother’s Day falls on May 10!


As it turned out, Mother’s Day was perfect for a family gathering, where we honoured all the mothers in the family. (Photobombed by Shannon)


We had a lovely evening catching up over yummy food. I’m not sure how Shannon got herself in so many pictures when she spent a good part of the evening playing outside with our neighbours…


The kids wondered how our little flat could fit 20 relatives.


A good dessert by Jason capped off the evening – he made all (20!) of us baked pear, served with ice-cream. It went from the oven to our stomachs in 10 minutes and I have no pictures to show for it, unfortunately. Next time!

A group picture to remember the evening by!


It was a weekend of celebration. On Saturday, we celebrated at my Mother-in-law’s. Food was yummy and we forgot to take a picture! Kids with their Ah ma below.



On Sunday evening, my aunt said to me, “So sorry you had to spend Mother’s Day cooking for us!”

“It’s my pleasure,” I said. And it is. My sister helped to cook some food and we bought the rest. What is a day’s food preparation compared to the daily lunches and dinners that grandma cooked during my school days when she lived with us?

Or the hours grandma spent, bent over a charcoal stove to make her signature cabbage duck stew every Chinese New Year – which no one else in the family has been able to replicate as yet.


Hope you had a good Mother’s Day too!


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