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Happy Father’s Day!


He shrugged away attempts to celebrate Father’s Day. “No need, lah,” he said, when I suggested we go somewhere special for breakfast.

So we had breakfast at one of our usual haunts, I baked half a chicken for lunch, and we spent the day lazing at home, before going to my mother-in-law’s for dinner.

An ordinary Sunday, just the way he wanted. No fanfare, no extravagant meals, no presents.

Happy Father’s Day to the man who gave me the greatest gifts in life – our children, and the choice to stay home with them.



She’s been given the all clear – 13 days after she came down with chicken pox. There are just a couple of scabs which have “dried nicely”, said the doctor, who has declared her fit to return to school, to her dismay.


The past two weeks has been rather unusual for us, since we’re used to being out and about most days. Even if we were to spend a lazy day at home on a weekend, it’s by choice. But we didn’t have a choice the last two weeks. We couldn’t go out, more specifically, Shannon couldn’t go out, which meant I couldn’t go out most times. I think she took it better than me. At the same time, we couldn’t invite people over. And she had to be kept away from the neighbours she usually runs around with. What could have been a trying two weeks of cabin fever was made better by several factors:

1) SEA Games!

It’s the best diversion ever. The timing could not have been better. We have been cheering for Team Singapore from our couch, during the swimming heats in the morning, taking a break after that until one or two events in the afternoon. Then capping off each night cheering for the Singapore swimmers. The kids are now on first name basis with the TeamSG swimmers, nevermind if we’ve never met them before. Oh and a couple of regional ones too, for eg, the iron lady from Vietnam, who like Joseph, has the midas touch. “Not Anh Vien again,” they would groan, when they see her in the line-up. Her appearance often meant everyone else would have to settle for fighting for silver.


The competitive one at home kept his own scores, noted the records, so he could find out and announce who has the games record, before the TV commentator could say his piece.


2) Visits

While we couldn’t invite people over, I was very, very thankful for those who came by to spend time with the kids. Their ah ma, grandma, and their two yiyis – my sisters. One came by to spend the afternoon so my husband and I could have the time off, the other brought Jason out for a concert and yummy dinner.

eryi n jason

3) Cheerful Shannon

She was delighted about not having to go to school, so she dealt with everything else cheerfully.


Best of all, her extended time at home meant she left her mark everywhere.





For some reason, I escaped the chicken pox virus when I was young. I worried about catching it when I was pregnant with Jason. I had a scare once when I saw some blisters on my body. It turned out to be an allergic reaction. I wasn’t so lucky the next time. I had a difficult pregnancy when I had Shannon, was on bed rest for four months because of constant spotting. When it finally let up in the fifth month, I came down with chicken pox – on the exact same day as Jason, on my birthday. The irony of it all.

After the initial panic, I read that the second trimester was probably the safest time to catch chicken pox while pregnant. Not that it was any comfort to me then. Jason’s blisters cleared in less than a week after he took a course of anti viral medicine, acyclovia. The doctor suggested I not take the mediciine. My high fever went on for two weeks, as did the blisters. I was finally admitted to KK Hospital and given the appropriate meds (I can’t remember if it’s acyclovia), before being discharged after two nights.

With all that I had to go through, we thought, and hoped, that Shannon might be immune to chicken pox. Well, we found out the answer this week. Nope, not at all. She came down with the pox last Friday, caught from a classmate, and let’s just say the June holidays did not start the way I had envisioned.

The moment I spotted a watery blister on her forehead, I warned her not to burst it. And in the next moment, she did exactly what I told her NOT to do. Oh well.

We brought her to the polyclinic the next day, where we were given ‘VIP” treatment: She was whisked to an isolation room, seen by the doctor within minutes, her papa got her medicine in an amazingly short time while we went back to the car to wait, and we were out of there in no time. All this while the polyclinic was packed to the brim as it usually is on a typical Saturday. #thankful


And while I said the June holidays did not get off to the start I had envisioned, it’s a different case from Shannon’s point of view. She attends childcare and does not usually have school holidays though we do take her out of school on many days. She’s wisened up to the fact that her korkor has school holidays. Last weekend was the start of the holidays. When the cheerful doctor announced that she would be given two week’s MC, the grin on Shannon’s face said it all.


So despite the fever, itch and discomfort, she has been having the time of her life at home.


wpid-imag2298.jpg wpid-imag2300.jpg wpid-imag2319.jpg wpid-imag2320.jpg wpid-imag2329.jpg


Check out that blister on her forehead…wpid-imag2321.jpg

We postponed holiday plans and cancelled a birthday dinner at a restaurant for their papa this week since Shannon is stuck at home.

Making a birthday card for papa.


We celebrated at home instead.



This picture sums it all up: Trying not to look too pleased about having chicken pox…


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