When mum is busy

There are times our normal life gets thrown out of whack, like in the past few weeks. When I’m swamped with work and under the weather, the family has to find new ways to cope.

Outings – have been few and far between because I have been rushing interviews, transcripts and stories for a book project this month. So my husband has taken over ferrying duties and bringing Shannon for some after school fun while I get in that extra hour of working time.

Shannon’s Chinese name 橦 (tong2), means cotton tree. We chose it because it we liked the meaning – many uses, useful to society. Her papa had the great idea of bringing her to hunt down the tree she is named after. So after school one day, the two of them went on an “adventure”. Adventure because the said tree, tall and majestic, was located beside a busy expressway, across a large drain. Somehow, they made it to the tree, and Shannon had a picture taken while balancing precariously on a railing (on the side away from the road).


They found some soft, white cotton on the ground beside the tree, which made a comfortable bed for the bugs!


She still talks about the “adventure” she went on with Papa.

Entertainment – has been self-directed because I simply have no time or energy to think up ways to entertain them. There have been too many TV days. But there have also been moments they derived simple pleasure from staying at home. So forget things like “let’s do some painting on canvas”. Jason dug out some old art books and started drawing again. Simple pencil sketches I love.



Housework – only the bare minimum has been done, and on some days, not even the bare minimum. Shannon has had to wear the same uniform two days in a row a couple of times in the past weeks because her parents completely forgot to get in a load of laundry before they fell asleep. Not that she knows. She cannot know because she refuses to rewear what she thinks are soiled clothes…

My part-time helper remarked that I must have been busy because the home is dirtier than ever. I usually sweep every day (she mops once a week), but even sweeping has taken a backseat. I do make the kids sweep up crumbs they scatter and that’s how we’ve been managing.

Jason has taken it upon himself to pack his table without being asked, so that was a nice surprise!


Dinners – have been tiffin meals lovingly cooked and delivered piping hot by their grandma. We would otherwise be eating out most days. Now they get a say in the dishes they want from the “tiffin service” and get to provide unsolicited feedback on the meals to the cook. We’re blessed! (I only remembered to take pictures on one day)


We did manage to get out one evening over the weekend for a birthday meal at a vegan restaurant, Loving Hut. Their favourite aunt, my youngest sister, turned 19!


We had delicious vegan food that well, didn’t taste vegan!



Thankfully, I’m seeing the light at the end of the busy tunnel soon. 🙂


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