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Counting my blessings

On days when I feel under the weather, tired or frustrated, I count my blessings. It doesn’t take a lot to make a mum happy.

With a picky eater at home, I constantly have to think of ways to whet her appetite. There are hits and misses. Sometimes crackers strewn on her rice makes dinner go down faster. Other times it takes some chilli sauce or pork floss. Today, several “fake” handrolls saved the day.

I found a package of unsalted seaweed sheets I bought a few months ago, and offered to wrap Shannon some handrolls. I rolled the seaweed into a cone and scooped her rice into it.


She lapped it all up and even enticed her korkor to ask for the same.


We do a best and worst of the day at dinner and Shannon proclaimed dinner her highlight of the day – which means a lot coming from a non-foodie. That made my day.

On the other hand, our resident foodie offered to make us breakfast on Sunday – baked oats. He found a recipe in a children’s cook book, but had to improvise because we didn’t have half the ingredients listed.

So he added rolled oats, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries(in place of raisins), cashew nuts(in place of almonds/walnuts), chocolate chips, and drizzled honey(in place of maple syrup) on top. It went into the 180 degC oven for 20 minutes and made for a delicious, healthy breakfast! We had it with cheese omelette and scrambled eggs. He rinsed the oats first, which made the end product a little soggy. He is planning to improve on it this weekend. Am looking forward to relinquishing breakfast duties!


So much to be thankful for.


Chinese tuition

I never had tuition in primary school. It wasn’t like I was topping the class or anything like that. In fact, there were times I did so poorly in some tests, my mother got a call from my teacher. Maybe things were much easier then. I did my homework, studied for my tests, and my parents were happy with whatever marks I brought home.

When Jason was in preschool, several of his classmates were attending tuition in preparation for Primary 1. I never felt pressured to do the same. Likewise, when I pick Shannon early from childcare these days, her teacher asks if she’s going for tuition (like a few of her friends). My reply? Nope, we’re going to the supermarket/zoo/playground etc. Even during the meet-the-parents session earlier this year, when her teacher said there is a marked difference in reading ability between those who attend tuition and those who don’t, I decided there is still no need for tuition at this point. She will eventually catch up, like her korkor did.

But things are different now that Jason is in Primary 3. Despite holding off on Chinese tuition previously, I caved in a few months ago, a decision I wrote about in a column in ST today. As much as I prefer he do without outside help, there was a niggling thought at the back of my mind telling me he needed it. It was only a matter of time before his Chinese compositions pulled down his scores. So even though I don’t like the idea of having an over-scheduled child, I signed him up for classes a few months ago.

It remains to be seen whether the help is useful or otherwise. So far it’s just Chinese tuition. If only he would read Chinese newspapers the way he reads English ones!


Family Yearbooks

One of the things I wanted to do when I left my job last year, was to organise our family pictures. We’ve taken lots of pictures over the years, especially after the kids came about. Some have been printed, some slipped into albums, others left largely forgotten in camera SD cards, computer hard disks, on Facebook or in handphones. Basically they are all over the place.

I like the idea of having a printed yearbook to summarise our year, but it would be too onerous a task to start from scratch and have one for each year. So I purchased five coupons from Photobook Singapore last year, with a six month deadline, to force myself to get started on it.


I’m sure there are many options out there for printed photobooks, but I didn’t spend too long researching. Since I had so many books to catch up on, I found one that fit my budget – $30 a book without delivery (they routinely have promotions so this was the best deal I saw then), for 40 pages, with pre-designed pages I could just add pictures to, Delivery costs $10per book, so it works out to $40 per yearbook. I figured it’s cheaper, neater and easier than getting photos printed, buying an album and having them laid out nicely. The price seems to have dropped $2 to $28 or so this year, but again, it fluctuates so wait for a good deal if you want to get one.


I did one year per book for 2011 to this year, but condensed three years into one book for the earlier years: 06 – 08 (after Jason was born), and 08 – 2010 (after Shannon was born).

I had some trouble finishing the books before the deadline, possibly because I did it too close to the deadline and the last minute frenzy caused uploading of pictures to take too long. The process left me endlessly frustrated, so I wrote in to ask for an extension which they were happy to oblige. The size I chose was the medium landscape (basically an A4 landscape), and I kept to it because I wanted all books to stack nicely.


It’s been a great way to look back on our years so far. We occasionally take them out and have a good chuckle reminiscing about Shannon’s botak head as a baby, Jason’s cherubic looks as a toddler (what happened to you now, we tease him), and our travels as a family. Relatives and friends who have come by also enjoyed flipping through the books.

I got another two coupons earlier this year, for a 2014 book as well as one for our travels before the kids came along. Again I nearly busted the deadline and had to write in for an extension.


This is what the inside looks like. The designs are different for each book, depending on which you choose. One can also design blank pages from scratch but I didn’t have the inclination to do so. Most yearbook designs start with a Year At A Glance summary page, with the rest of the pages spread out through the years.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.48.12 am

Below are the two pages for February 2014. The colours, design and layout are suggested but there is the flexibility to change them around as you wish. I included a page that marked my last day in ST.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.49.01 am

And a Mother’s Day card drawn by Jason.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.49.47 am

The books are too pretty to be left on a shelf, so they now sit in a basket as part of our home decoration.


Here’s to more years of memory-making!

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