I’m not particularly interested in ball games, but thankfully, Jason is. In this month’s column for ST, I write about the lessons both of us have learnt from him joining soccer as a CCA.

While I would have liked him to join other CCAs he was picked for, like String Ensemble or even badminton, he firmly stuck to his choice of soccer. So we let him be.

Lessons aside, there are lots more advantages that come from letting a child follow his passion. A love for soccer is the reason he clamours to read the newspaper every day, so as to follow the exploits of his favourite teams and players. He has since branched out to reading about other sports, both in the newspaper and online.

The thrice-weekly training also means he gets all the active time he needs, which especially important for this foodie. While he sometimes drives me up the wall with incessant kicking of balls and other items at home,  I would rather he be kicking a ball than playing online games (which he is very interested in as well!)


(Picture taken by his shushu)


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