Santa Claus is coming to town

One of the things we do during the year end holidays each year, is to get the kids to make Christmas cards for our extended family. I pack a box of festive supplies and let them lose on them.


During one such session yesterday, I overheard the following conversation:

Shannon: I’m going to write Santa a letter. Maybe he will like my card and give me a present.

Jason: (rolling his eyes) There is no such thing as Santa. Silly baby!

Shannon: Who says? I will try and maybe I will get a present and you won’t.

Jason: How is Santa going to come to our house? The only way is from the windows. And if that happens, we will think he is a thief and call the police. So there is no way Santa can come!

Shannon: I will leave Santa some cookies and milk.

Jason: The food will rot and insects will come.

I have no idea where she gets such notions from, because we hardly discuss Santa or gifts from Santa. Maybe she gets ideas from books, or her friends.

Anyway she ignored her brother and happily wrote a letter for Santa.





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