Soccer Camp

It was Jason’s first overnight school camp. He was reluctant to go for it initially but we persuaded him. I figured it was a good initiation to sleeping away from home – in school, which is near our home, and just for one night.

He was given a packing list. His way of packing? Glancing through the list, throwing in the items randomly into the bag, filling it until it was bulging, before proclaiming: “Mummy, the bag is too full, I can’t fit in any more things.”

His good sister took out the items, and proceeded to fold them neatly one by one.


The items did fit in the end.


He had two full days of soccer training, a friendly match and some sports lectures, and in general, lots of fun with his teammates. He had no time to miss his family. Meanwhile, Shannon was pining away for him at home. Nope, they’re not best friends most of the time. In fact, not a day goes by when they don’t quarrel. But she’s not used to korkor not being at home to tease or agitate her. She kept saying “it’s so weird not to have korkor at home”, or “I looked at his bed but he’s not there”. (They share a room.)

Our only worry was if he had an asthma attack at night. He is prone to wheezing in new sleeping environments, either because it’s too cold or too dusty. So he had his inhaler in his bag with him and I left my handphone switched on at night.

The time passed soon enough and we even saw him during a parent briefing before he spent the night in school. Thankfully, no wheezing occured, although he did have runny nose at night.


He came home exhausted but happy, full of stories of camp and the friendly match (they lost).

And both of them are back to bickering daily again. 🙂


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