Ballet performance

Shannon had her first ballet performance after starting lessons earlier this year. She has come a long way from her first trial class.

A couple of months after she started class, her teacher suggested she join the girls who are one year older, together with two other girls. So when the year end concert came about, she was eligible to take part.

While I wasn’t keen on the long rehearsals and time commitment, she seemed keen enough, so we signed her up for the performance, thinking it would be good for her to experience it.

She has been gamely going for extra lessons, and surprised me by enjoying the long days of rehearsals because she got to “play with her friends”.

We got to see her on stage at Kallang Theatre, and had a good time trying to spot her. Her grandma and yiyis came along to support her, even buying her mini bouquets of flowers, to her delight.





I asked her what she enjoyed about her first performance, and she said (in no particular order): Wearing a nice leotard, playing with my friends in the dressing room, getting the nice flowers.
I asked if she would want to take part again next year, she smiled and said: “Maybe”.


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