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Reason for the silence

Our little bundle of joy, Sarah.


This pregnancy has been the most difficult of the three. I’m just thankful she’s safely out from my womb.


More to come later…


First day of school

This was them three years ago.

first day of sch 2013

This is them today.


So yes, to the many friends who asked if she was going to my alma mater or her korkor’s school, we went the neighbourhood route instead!

To prepare for the big day, they had their haircuts a couple of days back at the neighbourhood $3.80 Snip Avenue Salon, together with their papa.

It was Shannon’s first professional haircut, at the ripe old age of almost 7. I’ve always been the one to cut her hair but we thought it would be fun for her to have it trimmed outside for once. She has always resisted going to the salon for some unknown reason, and finally agreed this time!


They jumped out of their beds the moment we gently woke them up – something I could never do. I’m glad they take after their papa in this aspect.

First day of school or not, soccer news needs to be read first…


While Shannon was too excited to finish even one slice of bread.


The best part was hearing how their day went, as they tripped over their words trying to tell us about it. They talked about friends, teachers, canteen food. Jason (the expert on canteen stalls), generously dispensed advice to his sister. Stall x has the best bee hoon, you can add this and that to it. Stall y sells ice-cream, you can try it some time, but maybe not in the first week of school. Better order proper food first.

Shannon looked puny in the bustling canteen as she followed the directions of her two buddy jiejies. She polished off what she later said was a $1 plate of dry mee siam from the Muslim stall and declared it “very spicy and nice”. Her korkor advised her to try other stalls in the next few days so she can try other yummy food.

Shannon’s verdict after the first day of school?

“Primary 1 is good, I can come home earlier to play, not like childcare!”

Santa’s gift

I wrote about Shannon writing Santa a letter last month and promptly forgot all about it soon after. When our good friend Agnes came to our home on Christmas Day, she whispered to me that “Santa” had left Shannon a gift under her pillow!

Check out Shannon’s surprise and delight when she found it that night.



It was an automated moneybox, and even her korkor and papa had fun playing with it. She was pleased as punch over the gift. “Santa really came and left me a present!!”

For posterity, I asked her some questions:

Where did Santa come from?

“Outer space!” she said confidently.

Who did he come with?

“Santarina and six reindeers. Not Rudolf, not sure what happened to him” she added.

The best part? She told her brother:

“Korkor, since you like my present so much, you can write Santa a letter next year and maybe he will leave you a present!”

Her brother just rolled his eyes…

Thank you very much for the present, Auntie “Santa” Agnes! 🙂


December 2015

We didn’t travel this time round, in fact, we didn’t even get to go out much. But we found lots of other ways to have fun at home. In today’s ST column, I wrote about how I tried to get my kids off online games and Youtube cartoons and replace them with lots of old school fun instead.

We gave Jason a book on folding paper aeroplanes for Christmas, and it provided many hours of fun for both of them, folding planes at home, in cafes, and then bringing them on test flights.



We played board games and cut paper snowflakes to decorate the home.

We found time for all the random things I’ve always wanted to do with them but did not have time to do during the school term.

Jason did a bit of cooking with his papa’s help. When the minced chicken dish he turned out tasted quite delicious, I asked him how he seasoned it. His reply? “Oh it’s easy, I just dumped in a little of all the spices you have in the kitchen!” No wonder…


The boys were way more adventurous in the kitchen than I ever could be. I suggested they search out some recipes. They came up with their own instead, mixing and matching their favourite ingredients they could find around the home. Think pork ribs with cashew nuts (not bad!) and Jason’s favourite – steamed corn with mashed bananas, topped with raisins (eewww…!) He loved it. Shannon was as supportive as a little sister could get. I figured it’s an acquired taste. I’m not sure I’ll ever acquire it…

They attempted to fix up a trolley from Ikea. Thankfully, their papa came to the rescue midway.


And while they were busy, I had time to put together some easy Christmas gifts for a few parties we were invited to. A jar of baked nuts, (nuts available at NTUC), mixed with pretzels and MnMs, and small jars of spices – all made pretty with some plaid ribbon.

The best part of the holiday? We slept in every morning, only woken up by the two early birds when they jumped into our bed. We enjoyed our snuggles (before the squabbles started).


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