First day of school

This was them three years ago.

first day of sch 2013

This is them today.


So yes, to the many friends who asked if she was going to my alma mater or her korkor’s school, we went the neighbourhood route instead!

To prepare for the big day, they had their haircuts a couple of days back at the neighbourhood $3.80 Snip Avenue Salon, together with their papa.

It was Shannon’s first professional haircut, at the ripe old age of almost 7. I’ve always been the one to cut her hair but we thought it would be fun for her to have it trimmed outside for once. She has always resisted going to the salon for some unknown reason, and finally agreed this time!


They jumped out of their beds the moment we gently woke them up – something I could never do. I’m glad they take after their papa in this aspect.

First day of school or not, soccer news needs to be read first…


While Shannon was too excited to finish even one slice of bread.


The best part was hearing how their day went, as they tripped over their words trying to tell us about it. They talked about friends, teachers, canteen food. Jason (the expert on canteen stalls), generously dispensed advice to his sister. Stall x has the best bee hoon, you can add this and that to it. Stall y sells ice-cream, you can try it some time, but maybe not in the first week of school. Better order proper food first.

Shannon looked puny in the bustling canteen as she followed the directions of her two buddy jiejies. She polished off what she later said was a $1 plate of dry mee siam from the Muslim stall and declared it “very spicy and nice”. Her korkor advised her to try other stalls in the next few days so she can try other yummy food.

Shannon’s verdict after the first day of school?

“Primary 1 is good, I can come home earlier to play, not like childcare!”



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