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Jason is 10!

The first-born has hit double digits!


I did not have the time nor energy to plan a proper party like the one he had last year. So we had an impromptu one for the family, whom we invited only a day before.


And another last-minute one for three of his best friends. I checked with their mums two days before, and three out of the four boys were able to make it.

I’ve come to enjoy parties for boys; they are easy to please. There is no need for any party planning, so it’s all very relaxed. Serve them a pizza, some soup and packet drinks, and they are satisfied. There is no need to plan any party games either. I didn’t specify what they would be doing, but they all brought a change of clothes and wore their sports shoes. What ensued was a game of soccer, catching, some play involving water, before they came back hot and sweaty.

They took turns to take a quick shower, before starting on more games at home – nerf guns, dart boards and I’m not sure what else.

Then we had cake, which I grabbed from the neighbourhood cake shop when I brought Shannon out for ice-cream, and it was perfect for the soccer-fanatic.

imag3455.jpgThe four boys devoured the whole cake. Shannon, who does not fancy cakes, didn’t want any.


Valentine’s Day

I had a perfect Valentine’s Day yesterday. It was filled with sweet treats, gems and a big, comfortable bed.

Once upon a time,

I might have wished for…

Breakfast in bed

Now? Nah, breakfast in bed is overrated (not that I’ve ever had it before). Who wants breakfast (in bed or not), when I’ve been up half the night nursing a three-week old? Instead, I got to sleep in all by myself until 10am – a rare luxury, while he took baby out of the room by 730am so I wouldn’t be awakened by her cries. An uninterrupted 2.5-hour sleep-in was exactly what I needed.

A younger me might have looked forward to…

A sweet treat

Yesterday, I tasted the sweetness of freedom when I brought our newly-minted middle child out for a McDonald’s ice-cream cone. With a difficult pregnancy and a newborn, it has been more than six months since I had one-on-one time with Shannon. She enjoyed her sweet treat, I enjoyed watching her enjoy herself.


All this while he held down the fort at home watching the newborn and a handful of rambunctious boys who came over to celebrate Jason’s 10th birthday.

Maybe I would have once longed for…

A romantic dinner

Instead, he knew how bored of confinement food I was, and came back with a mix of hawker fare that whet my appetite. It was one of the best dinners I had in the past month.

I might have once been excited about getting…

A gem or two

And hey, I now have three precious gems!


To be honest, I can’t remember us ever celebrating Valentine’s Day, save for one night out at Holland Village, while we were both in university and penniless.

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, and it’s Not because every day is Valentine’s Day.

Hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day too!


Brother, sister and baby

The older two have been enamoured by baby Sarah. They ask to carry her almost every day. They report almost every cry and whimper to us. Both dislike hearing her cry and Shannon is especially distressed, worrying if Sarah is ok. That’s about where the similarities end.

Shannon is older than Sarah by 7 years. For now, she’s the doting jiejie, Mummy’s best helper who helps with stacking diapers, bringing wet wipes and cream when needed. She tells me several times in a day, “baby is so cute”.


She is rather at ease when she carries baby, compared to her brother. She loves that Sarah is wearing her old clothes and marvels at how small she herself used to be. She is delighted that she is no longer the smallest/lightest in the family. “I’m so glad people no longer say I’m so light.” (Because Sarah weighed 100g less than her when she was born.)


Brothers… ahh, that’s a different story.

Jason, too, dotes on Sarah. Being 10 years older, he is much more charitable towards her than towards Shannon. With Shannon, any and every action or word can be turned into a quarrel. With Sarah, he is more indulgent. He loves smelling her head. He willingly lets her lie on his lap while he reads a book and while I take a bath.


But his favourite past time is to take (sometimes unglamourous) pictures of Sarah and give them captions.

Like this.


And this.


Siblings, what would you do without them!


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