Jason is 10!

The first-born has hit double digits!


I did not have the time nor energy to plan a proper party like the one he had last year. So we had an impromptu one for the family, whom we invited only a day before.


And another last-minute one for three of his best friends. I checked with their mums two days before, and three out of the four boys were able to make it.

I’ve come to enjoy parties for boys; they are easy to please. There is no need for any party planning, so it’s all very relaxed. Serve them a pizza, some soup and packet drinks, and they are satisfied. There is no need to plan any party games either. I didn’t specify what they would be doing, but they all brought a change of clothes and wore their sports shoes. What ensued was a game of soccer, catching, some play involving water, before they came back hot and sweaty.

They took turns to take a quick shower, before starting on more games at home – nerf guns, dart boards and I’m not sure what else.

Then we had cake, which I grabbed from the neighbourhood cake shop when I brought Shannon out for ice-cream, and it was perfect for the soccer-fanatic.

imag3455.jpgThe four boys devoured the whole cake. Shannon, who does not fancy cakes, didn’t want any.


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