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Teachers’ Day 2016

After what seems like endless weeks of the flu bug going round all three kids, we are finally getting a breather!

It’s been a while since we busted out our craft supplies, so when the baby was taking her nap yesterday, the older two spent a good two hours making Teachers’ Day cards. We didn’t do anything elaborate like we did three years ago, but it was a fun time nevertheless.

My job was to just lay out the supplies and help them with wrapping simple gifts like notebooks (because I love wrapping presents), and they did the rest.

Sarah woke up and joined them towards the end of their crafting session!

Jason’s teacher whom I wrote about last year has since left the school, but there are many others I’m very grateful for.

Teachers have a tough job, tougher now than before. Not only do they have to teach, handle administrative work, they even have to communicate with parents via apps like Class Dojo and more. They send pictures, reminders, schedules to parents and are contactable anytime, anywhere. And this is not even their main job – which is to teach our kids.

Jason’s soccer teacher in charge brings them for external soccer matches, to watch an S- league match on a Friday night, organises parents briefings for school camps in the evenings and more.

Their piano teacher, who lives opposite the school, would help me send Jason to school when he was younger, so I did not have to make an extra trip. She also offered to help me mind Shannon after her lesson a couple of months ago when I had to send Sarah back to hospital because of high jaundice levels.

When teachers go out of their way to do their best for my kids, I have nothing but deep appreciation for them. I remind the kids about this often, and hopefully through the simple cards they make, they learn gratitude in the process.

Happy Teachers’ Day to all the teachers out there!

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