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Five things on Friday 14/10

Because it is difficult to find long stretches to write these days, I shall attempt to do quick updates when I can. Let’s hope I can keep this up!

1. Letting go – Exams are round the corner for Jason. After three years of prodding, (he is in P4 this year), he is finally coming round to the idea of studying. He still needs prodding, but I do less of it, because I’m too busy and tired. Reverse psychology works slightly. I tell him he has to manage on his own. He asks, why? Why can’t you teach me etc. But he complains less about having to do revision. If he says he doesn’t feel like doing, I say, fine, and leave it as that. Then he gets up and gets going with the revision. 🙂

Visualise our afternoons: I’m in the middle, on their bed with Sarah, Shannon is on my left, and Jason is on my right.

2. Finding the old me – I went out on my own twice this week, leaving baby with the hubby. Once, for a meeting at MOE, and tonight, for dinner with a good friend. So twice this week, I felt like my old self again, having discussions, asking questions, thinking hard about replies, and at dinner, laughing crazily as Wendy and I made up for lost time. I love my time at home with my kids, but I realise I need to snap out of Mummy-mode once in a while. It’s good for me, good for hubby and kids too!

We shared pizza and a pasta at a place I’ve been wanting to try – Italian Osteria at HillV2.


3. Last weekend was a great one, because we had nothing on the agenda. We stayed home because Jason was nursing a cough. The kids were barred from their weekend cartoons because they misbehaved during the week. (Think endless bickering for no good reason). With no screen time, they thought up other things to play. They drew, played games and we went to the park connector both days to walk and cycle. We need more of such screen-free days.

Playing magnetic darts.

4. Sarah’s still not sleeping through the night, waking up at least once, but mostly twice, to feed. Am still not certain if it’s because of hunger or habit. She’s almost nine months now. We just started her on three meals a day a week ago, so will see how it goes. Am thinking I might need to add more meat/protein to her meals, to keep her fuller for longer at night. But it’s a juggling act cooking her meals, and ours. Still trying to figure out a system.

5. Feeling old – I was browsing through Jason’s science books and commented that I did not learn about the human digestive system in primary school. He said, “Of course, yours was the olden days ” Ouch!!

Enjoy your weekend!



Since the arrival of baby Sarah in January, I’ve cut down on the freelance work I usually take on because there is simply not enough time. I would like to take on more work, but it will mean getting more stressed out etc.

One of the things I’m still writing is the monthly column for ST. I often get asked how I come up with column ideas. It varies. There are times I don’t have an idea what to write about days before the column is due. There are other times I have a vague idea in mind weeks ahead.

This month’s column idea came out of the blue. The two older kids were play a crazy game “catching” while blindfolded. The catcher would be blind folded and was supposed to throw a cushion at the target. At some point I remarked to my husband that it was ironic that they have more time to play these few weeks because exams are round the corner. “Write about it!” he said. And I did.

As for the game of catching, it ended badly – Jason, the catcher, threw the cushion at the dinner table (while blindfolded). Food, water and a small glass jar for baby food ended up on the floor, the glass broke, water spilled, food was everywhere… Ah, that’s life.

Below, trying to blow the biggest bubble they can.


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